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Accelerated Collegiate Experience

Accelerated Collegiate Experience

Frequently Asked Questions



Counselor Frequently Asked Questions



What do I need to do to assist a student in applying for the ACE program?

All students applying to the ACE program are asked to first meet with their school counselor to discuss the possibility of Early Admission at FGCU. If the school counselor agrees that the program would benefit the student, the ACE Program Authorization Form is signed by the counselor and a graduation check is completed utilizing the High School Graduation Checklist.  Both forms may be found on the ACE website in the forms menu during active application periods.  .It may be helpful to go over the application and enrollment flowchart with the student. The complete enrollment flowchart may be found on the ACE website in the counselor menu.

What is considered an "official" test score and transcript?

FGCU may receive and will accept ranscripts that arrive 1. electronically, 2. mailed in a sealed high school envelop with a signature or seal across the flap, 3. delivered by the student in a sealed envelop with a signature or seal across the flap.

Test scores that appear on the official transcript will be considered official if there is an accompanying test administration dates.  Test scores may also be pulled from the school's data system and mailed or delivered in a sealed high school envelop with a signature or seal across the flap. 

SCANNED OR EMAILED test scores or transcripts are not considered official and cannot be accepted as such. 

Can FGCU Service Learning hours be used for Bright Futures?
Yes, ACE students are encouraged to complete service learning hours and may have service hours to complete in their classes.ACE students may turn in any service hours they have completed beginning with the day of their admission to the University.Service must be approved by the FGCU Office of Service Learning and completed through a not-for-profit agency or organization.

How will I be notified if a student has been admitted to the ACE program?

Students and counselors will be notified of their status for fall 2017 admission through email the first week of May, 2017. 

When will I receive student schedules?

Student schedules will arrive around the following dates:

vSummer and Fall terms: End of May
vSpring Term: 2nd week of November


When and how will I receive student grades?

Student transcripts with course history and grades will be scanned by the Office of Undergraduate Studies Academic Advising and emailed to the Director/Department Head of the Counseling Office at the high school.Transcripts will be sent at the end of each term as soon as grades are posted to the student’s record.Please check the calendar in the Counselor section of this website.


Will I be informed if a student withdraws from a class?

ACE staff do not encourage withdrawal from classes and articulate this to newly admitted students.However, there may be extenuating circumstances in which the withdrawal of a course or courses will be in the best interest of the student.This is always discussed first with the student’s counselor and a drop will not be processed until the counselor has been notified and is in agreement with the action in accordance to the Early Admission Articulation Agreement.  If the student withdraws from the program altogether, a Request for Removal from the Program form will be sent to the counselor for signature.


Can a student repeat a course while in the ACE program?

As long as a student is in the ACE program, a course cannot be repeated. If the student graduates from high school and continues their academic program at FGCU, a course may be repeated for grade forgiveness.Students are advised to read the FGCU Catalog for the process and criteria for seeking grade forgiveness.


Can a student participate in after-school activities?

Students are allowed to participate in after-school activities at their home high school.Interested students are advised by ACE staff to consult with their high school counselor regarding participation. Students are encouraged to participate in clubs, organizations and opportunities such as research, high impact service, internships and leadership development.   

Do I need to notify the ACE academic advisor that a student is taking FLVS or other online classes?

Yes, the Course Authorization Form provides space to inform ACE staff of the student’s participation in FLVS.This information helps with determining the student’s course load at the University.


Are there areas of study at FGCU that are not suitable for this program?

Yes. Music majors and other STEM programs that have definitive course pre-requisites for which the student is not prepared should reconsider application to the program.


Are students able to earn the A.A. degree?

Yes.In most cases, students who have started the ACE program as a high school junior (or who have extensive college credit from other accelerated means) will have the ability to complete requirements of the A.A. degree. Students should inform the ACE academic advisor early on of their intention to meet A.A. requirements.


Is a student who applied as an Early Admission student permitted to change to part-time dual enrollment?

No, the ACE Program is full-time only.  

Will FGCU service hours count toward Bright Futures service hours?

Yes, students are encouraged to complete service while at FGCU and may have service requirements as part of their courses.Approved service hours are placed on the student’s transcript.Students are advised to contact their high school counselor for procedures to transfer hours to their high school record.


Why are students registered before I give the final OK?

In order to simplify the registration process, to give students priority registration and to allow for changes in schedules, the ACE academic advisor will register students based upon the most current high school checklist completed by the high school counselor.  

School Graduation Checklist

Students will have access to the high school graduation checklist through CANVAS and are advised to update the checklist via appointments with their counselor prior to all registration periods (once a semester) .

Are my students able to take FGCU Honors Program courses?

Yes, high school juniors who begin the program full time will have the option to take FGCU Honors Program courses during their senior year if they elect to participate in ACE Honors.  .Students must meet criteria during the junior year which will include FGCU GPA and test scores.




If you have additional questions for inclusion, please email:
Alice Brunner, Director