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Office of Academic and Curriculum Support

Florida Gulf Coast University
Academic and Curriculum Support
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Located in Suite 112 of Holmes Hall

Degree Works



Degree Works is a NEW web-based advising and degree planning tool available through Gulfline beginning February 17th 2014. The system is designed to assist students, advisors and designated faculty and staff in monitoring the degree progress of students. Degree Works organizes a student’s course work in an easy to read report (degree audit) summarizing completed and missing requirements for a degree, as defined in the Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) catalog.

Degree Works can be used by undergraduate students who entered in the fall of 2009 or later. If a student’s catalog term is prior to fall 2009, a message will appear indicating a What-If degree audit should be run in Degree Works.

The Degree Works audit is UNOFFICIAL and does not take the place of regular academic advising. Students should discuss their progress toward degree completion with their advisor after reviewing their degree audit.

Students and advisors can use this system to track progress toward a degree or perform a “What-If” analysis prior to a student declaring a major or making a change to a major, minor and/or concentration offered at FGCU.

Examples of how a Degree Works audit could work:

  • Student A is a junior and wants to check what courses she needs to take to graduate with a BS in Accounting. To prepare for a meeting with her advisor, she follows the Degree Works instructions (link in Gulfline) to view or print a report for her degree audit. The report lists all requirements for the degree program, along with the courses she has taken to satisfy each requirement. She sees what courses she needs to take to complete her degree, which she can then confirm with her advisor.

  • Student B is a sophomore who thought he wanted to major in English, but now is thinking about possibly changing majors to History. He follows the Degree Works instructions (link in Gulfline) to produce a report of his current major, English, and a “What-If” Analysis for History. He can view/print both reports, compare the requirements for the two majors and determine how the courses he has completed will fit into each program. He is now prepared to discuss these options with his advisor before deciding on his major.