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Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting

Staff Directory

[ open ]
Office of The Controller

June Gutknecht

University Controller

Betsy Dillingham

Administrative Assistant

Emile Pelotte

Assistant Controller, Operational & Data Security Support

Rene Ackerson

Coordinator, Data Security Support

Denise VanderLinde

Coordinator, E-Commerce

[ open ]
Finance & Accounting

Renee Garcia

Senior Associate Controller, Finance & Accounting 

Christina Silcox

Coordinator, Financing Corporation

Amanda Jobes

Assistant Controller, Property & Construction Accounting

Ashley Taylor

Coordinator, Property Accounting

Winnifer Odom

Coordinator, Construction/Property Accounting

Dominick DeSarno

Assistant Controller, Tax and Auxiliary Accounting

Herbert Sanabria

Coordinator, Auxiliary Accounting

Jeremy Burns

Assistant Controller, General Ledger & Treasury

Michael Kraft

Coordinator, General Ledger 

Brenda Fallon

Coordinator, Treasury

Andrea Henry

Payroll Manager 

Sara Wood

Assistant Payroll Manager

Randy Stuart

Payroll Accountant 

[ open ]
Procurement Services

Maryan Egan

Director, Procurement Services

Lisa Corbin

Office Manager

Paige Messer

Procurement Card Administrator

Richard Pence

Associate Director, Procurement Services

Lori Sanders

Manager, Procurement Services

John Foley

Coordinator, Procurement

Sharlene Brodman

Procurement Program Assistant

Michelle Frederick

Travel Accountant

Allison Abbate

A/P Senior Fiscal Assistant

Christine Smith

A/P Senior Fiscal Assistant

Judit Hodai

Senior Fiscal Assistant

Alex Drevenkar

Purchasing Coordinator

[ open ]

Mark Rusnak

Assistant Controller/Bursar

Lisa Wasson

Manager, Accounts Receivable

Susan Phillips


Excel Mercado


Joanne Stevens


Linda Lowery


Lauren Pugh


Santiago Klappenbach

AR Clerk