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Finance and Accounting

Surplus Inventory


To identify items for use by an FGCU department, select a category from the list below. Once you select a category, a page will be displayed with a list of all the items in that category. More detailed information about an item is available by selecting that item and viewing the detail page.

If the department wants to transfer items to their budget, complete a Property Transfer form. The department property manager or designated representative must visit the warehouse to verify the condition of the items requested, and to subsequently deliver the original Property Transfer form (with an authorized signature) to the Property Accountant.

This property is free to the departments, however the department may be charged by the Work Management Center for any physical moves required in the transfer. All work orders and property transfers for moving items into and out of Surplus Property will be initaited and approved by the Property Department.


The Property Department does not warrant the working condition of items in the surplus inventory. It is the responsibility of the department representative to assess the working condition of the requested item(s) before transferring the item from Surplus to the department. The condition of each item listed is an estimate done by the Property Accountant. There are four conditions: new, good, fair and poor (condition 1-4).