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Solicitation opening dates and times are strictly adhered to; addenda are issued by the Office of Procurement Services only. Solicitation responses will only be accepted by the Office of Procurement Services if received and date-time stamped in our office by no later than the opening time and date of the solicitation; receipt by any other department after the due date and time will not be recognized as timely and will be returned, unopened, to the sender. Solicitations sent via UPS/FedEx and United States Mail are first received by the Receiving Department and/or Postal Department, respectively; they must then deliver to the Office of Procurement Services. This is not an instantaneous procedure, therefore, it is critical that the sender allow sufficient time for all of this to occur and to ensure a timely receipt by the Office of the Procurement Services. 

You must be registered in Public Purchase in order to respond to a solicitation. An explanation on how to register can be found here.

You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader software which is free from Adobe Systems, Inc.

When requesting a copy of a solicitation, please indicate the specific solicitation name and number. It is the responsibility of intended vondors to contact the appropriate agent upon downloading a document to ensure that you receive any amendments that may be issued. Failure to do so may result in the rejection of your response.

 Solicitation Addendum

Solicitation Number Solicitation Name Due Date Addendum Agent Code






Agent CodeNamePhoneEmail
F Jack Foley (239) 590-1132
R Rick Pence (239) 590-1133
M Maryan Egan (239) 590-1134
Alexander Drevenkar   (239)590-1135