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Certain documents on this site are available as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. PDF content requires Adobe's Acrobat Reader and can be downloaded by visiting

The University encourages anyone needing assistance in accessing content found on the University's website to contact the FGCU office or department that maintains the webpage. For an accessible version of PDF material, please contact FGCU Adaptive Services at or by calling 239 590-7956.

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Adaptive Services

Adaptive Services

Additional Accessibility on Campus



Additional Accessibility on Campus


All buildings at FGCU are accessible. You may check with Adaptive Services for accessible routes and entrances. Information is also available on accessible restrooms and elevators. There are a few places on campus that may have limited accessibility, especially during construction periods. If you need to use one of these areas, contact Adaptive Services for alternatives. If you need to meet with a faculty/staff member that has an office in a limited accessible area, you should call them and arrange to meet in an alternate site.

Adaptive Services does not provide ongoing travel assistance. FGCU's Student Government has shuttle services that provide transportation between the residence halls and main campus. If you need assistance getting from class to class, you may contact Adaptive Services for assistance. If assistance is needed for more than three days, you will need to ask friends, peers, classmates, etc. to help you get from class to class.

In the event of an emergency situation such as wheelchair or scooter breakdown, you may contact Adaptive Services or the campus police for assistance in getting to your classes.
There is limited transportation during summer sessions, holidays and academic breaks. If you will need assistance during these times, contact Adaptive Services for availability and possible alternatives.



 FGCU Residence Halls offer rooms and facilities that are accessible to persons with disabilities. A person with a disability may choose from a number of special options to provide the most convenient housing. If you need special housing arrangements because of a disability, you should discuss this need with your case manager, who will be able to explain options and recommend the correct procedures to follow. Students must still comply with all University Housing timelines.

All accessible rooms in the residence halls are equipped with flashing and audible emergency devices, pull strings for emergency situations and elevators. Other accommodations are available upon request. Students requesting special housing conditions must request the accommodation on the Housing application and register with Adaptive Services.


 All students and employees choosing to park on campus must purchase an FGCU parking permit. Contact the parking office, located in McTarnaghan Hall #142, to purchase a parking pass. All students living in the Residence Halls are not permitted to park on campus. Student Government currently runs a shuttle service to and from the residence halls via campus. Students living in the residence halls who cannot park on campus can take advantage of the shuttle.


There are a limited number of accessible parking spaces located around campus and if you have handicapped license plates/parking card and an FGCU parking permit, you are eligible to use these spaces. Please note: students and employees must still have an FGCU parking permit to use these spaces on a regular basis. Visitors with handicapped license plates/parking card may use these spaces without purchasing an FGCU parking permit.