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Adaptive Services

Adaptive Services




Admission Process for Applicants with Disabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

The admission process at Florida Gulf Coast University includes consideration of the disability when making admission decisions. While there is no guarantee for admission, we do understand that some requirements may not be met due to effects of the disability. Here are some common questions regarding applying under the special consideration process:


1. What is the difference between the regular admission process and special consideration?

Special consideration allows an applicant to disclose a disability and have the disability taken into consideration. An applicant must submit all required admission materials, as is outlined on the Office of Admissions website.


2. How do I disclose my disability to Admissions?

In order to request that your application be considered under the special consideration process, you must submit documentation of your disability. Documentation requirements can be found on the Adaptive Services website and accessed through the link below

Minimum Documentation Requirements


3. What are the SAT/ACT and GPA requirements for admission?

All of the information regarding test score and GPA requirements can be found on the Admissions website. However, it is important to note that SAT/ACT scores are reviewed under the individual subtests, not just composite scores. If any of the SAT/ACT subtest scores fall below the requirement, you will likely be required to complete remedial courses and this could affect the admission decision.


4. What is remediation?

Remediation is determined if your test scores fall below the required score for one or more of the core areas, i.e. reading, English, math and writing. FGCU currently offers a Step Ahead option for math and English remediation. However, space is limited and students are only eligible if they fall into remediation in one of the areas. Most remediation will need to take place at a community or state college. Applicants in the special consideration process can be admitted with a remedial need, but the remediation must still be completed.


5. How can the remediation be completed?

Remediation can be met in a number of ways. The student can re-take the SAT/ACT and focus on bringing up the scores in the necessary areas. The student can take the PERT or ACCUPLACER (college placement exams) and if they score out of remediation, FGCU will take this score over the SAT/ACT score. A final option is for the student to take the remedial courses in the respective area(s), either through the FGCU Step Ahead program or through a community or state college.


6. How is my file processed under special consideration?

All of the required information, including the disability documentation, must be turned in to the Office of Admissions. Once everything is received, the file is reviewed by Adaptive Services and an input is provided to the Admission Committee regarding the applicant's disability. The Admissions Appeals Committee makes the final review and decision regarding admission.


7. Once I am admitted, how do I receive accommodations and services for my disability?

You will need to register with the Office of Adaptive Services. An accommodation plan will be completed and explanation of accommodations will be given at that time.


8. Do I need to go through the special consideration process for admission in order to receive accommodations and services?

No. The admission process is separate from receiving accommodations and services. As long as a student is admitted and has a documented disability, they are eligible to receive accommodations and services.


9. What types of services and accommodations are available through Adaptive Services?

All accommodations and services are developed according to individual need. The Adaptive Services website lists all of the typical accommodations and services offered. Other accommodations and services may be provided based on individual need.


10. Is there a cost to receive accommodations and services?

No. As long as you are enrolled at FGCU and have proper documentation of a disability, you are entitled to accommodations and services at no additional charge.


If you have any questions, or would like clarification, on the above information, please feel free to contact Adaptive Services at 239-590-7956 or by e-mail at