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Adaptive Services




ADA Advisory Committee

History, Accomplishments and Initiatives


Committee Establishment and Chairs

               The Florida Gulf Coast University ADA Advisory Committee was established in 1998.

                              Dr. Marcia Greene, Chair 1998-2001

                              Bob Harris, Chair 2001-2004

                              Elaine Hozdik, Chair 2004-2006

                              Cori Bright-Kerrigan, Chair 2006-present


Purpose and Philosophy

               The FGCU ADA Advisory Committee was established to provide a campus-wide representative group that served to advise key University departments and administrators on disability matters and accessibility concerns and to advocate for individuals with disabilities.  The Committee supports creating an accessible university that does not just meet ADA compliance, but goes beyond to ensure an inclusive community for individuals with disabilities.




  • Site review by a representative from the Office of Civil Rights.  Several changes were suggested but overall, FGCU was in reasonably good compliance with the ADA
  • Accessibility changes to buildings/facilities including the addition of hand rails in the lecture halls; requesting that breezeways remain clear of obstacles, trash cans and signs; restroom stall hooks, shelves and towel dispenser placements; number of and location of accessible parking spaces; placement of benches along long walkways
  • Installation of Evac-U-Tracs in McTarnaghan, Griffin and Merwin Hall
  • Accessible Entrance to Eagle Café
  • Purchase of sign making machine for creating in-house signage with Braille




  • ADA Committee representative participating on the various building committees and conducting walk thrus of all new buildings
  • Installation of accessible equipment in the Eagan Observatory
  • Discussed need for a tactile campus map and a formal software tactile map system (determined to be too costly to implement)
  • Installation of a buzzer system in the rear entrance to Library for appropriate access from accessible parking spaces
  • Accessible entrances also installed in the Wellness Center and the Dean of Students Office
  • Installation of curb cuts throughout campus
  • Recommended an appropriate salary for hiring a Disability Services Coordinator



  • Supported initiative to implement a Course Substitution Committee for math and foreign language
  • Recommended construction of tactile surfacing in key pathways across campus
  • Requested and received grant to build a sidewalk at the waterfront area
  • Recommended covered drop off areas near accessible parking spaces
  • Supported an employee and student accessibility resource manual created by the Office of the Ombudsman and Adaptive Services
  • Worked with Housing to increase square footage of certain apartments to meet ADA compliance standards
  • Establish procedure for managing ADA requests and grievances



  • Installation of accessible entrance to Starbucks
  • Participated in discussions with other University committees on the prevalence of skate boards and the proper procedure for citing those who ride dangerously
  • Worked with appropriate departments to ensure web accessibility
  • Developed emergency evacuation procedures for students with disabilities living in Housing
  • Recommended and secured accessible shuttles
  • Recommended reconstruction of the boat dock at the waterfront
  • Recommended the installation of speed bumps behind Howard Hall




  • Participating in discussions regarding Emergency evacuation procedures/signage for the campus
  • Retrofitting Housing signage using appropriate Braille information
  • Participating in a campus audit of all signage for appropriate Braille information
  • Participating in discussions regarding the purchase of software and making sure it is accessible
  • Self assessment project



  • Assisted in securing building evacuation maps for all campus buildings
  • Assisted with implementation of audio signal at main crosswalk by Cohen Center
  • Implemented the Committee website
  • Assisted with maintaining compliance with all campus pools



  • Emergency Notification approved by the PBC
    • Signage Denoting Areas of Rescue Assistance
    • Safety Tab on website, connecting to necessary departments
    • Notice in all syllabi and faculty notification of emergency egress in relation to classroom
    • Began programming for disability resources and awareness



Ongoing initiatives


  • Increase representation on committee to include all areas of campus
  • Work with Facilities Planning to ensure Committee involvement with all new construction and remodels
  • Shuttle service during summer terms
  • Support ADA training for faculty/staff and student leadership groups



Updated: July 2014