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Adaptive Services




Any student new to the university that has a documented disability is more than welcome to register with Adaptive Services during their Orientation. Any student interested can stop in the office and meet with a case manager for development of their personal accommodation plan. While it is highly recommended that documentation of the disability be sent prior to the Orientation date, we are able to accept documentation during the meeting.

Employment and Service Learning Opportunities

The Office of Adaptive Services is continually looking for qualified and committed tutors and note takers to help ensure the academic success of students with disabilities. Those wishing to tutor for AS are encouraged to contact our office or stop by to pick up and complete a Tutor Information Form. Tutors are compensated for their services by either earning Service Learning hours or payment. Note taking opportunities for AS will be announced in individual courses, depending on need. Those who would like to be Note Takers will be instructed to stop by the office to pick up and complete a Note Taker Information Form. Note takers are compensated for their services by earning Service Learning hours.


8th Grade College Day

Many students who participate in Exceptional Student Education (ESE) programs in the K-12 system are not aware of the choices that they have regarding higher education. Those students that are aware often do not adequately prepare themselves for admission into an institution of higher education. In order to help combat these issues, the Office of Adaptive Services, in partnership with the Lee County School District, provides an 8th grade College Day each semester. 8th grade ESE students from Lee County middle schools participate in this event. This program is designed to promote and encourage higher education opportunities to these students as well as provide them with information that will help them better prepare for acceptance into an institution of higher education. Some of the topics presented are:

  • Admissions
  • Advising
  • Career choices
  • Accommodations and services for students with special needs
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Life on a college campus

Participants are not only introduced to the requirements of a higher education setting, but they are also informed on what they need to do in high school in order to be prepared for higher education. Some examples are:

  • The number of core classes that they must take, i.e. 3 years of math, 4 years of English, 2 years of a foreign language, 3 years of a science, etc.
  • Frequent meetings with their high school guidance counselor
  • SAT/ACT prep courses and scores
  • Active participation in IEP and 504 meetings
  • Job shadowing and volunteering

The 8th grade College Day program provides participants with this informational session, along with lunch and a tour of the FGCU campus and residence halls. Students are then asked to fill out an evaluation form explaining their likes, dislikes and overall perception of the trip.

Any questions regarding this program can be directed to the Office of Adaptive Services at 590-7956 or at