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FGCUDegree Evaluation (CAPP - Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning) - How will my credits apply towards my declared major?

CAPP is an electronic degree audit system that provides Undergraduate students with an UNOFFICIAL Degree Evaluation that details how FGCU courses and transfer work apply toward a degree program and/or minor.  The Degree Evaluation matches courses and credits with the course requirements for a selected degree program and/or minor.  This on-line advising tool is available for students through Gulfline.

The Degree Evaluations in CAPP are not intended to take the place of regular academic advising.  Students should discuss their progress toward degree completion with their advisor after reviewing their Degree Evaluation.

Students can use the Degree Evaluation to:

  • Track progress toward a degree and/or minor
  • Perform a "What-if" analysis prior to declaring a major and/or minor
  • Perform a "What-if" analysis prior to making a change to a major, minor, or concentration offered at FGCU.

To generate a Degree Evaluation through Gulfline for your current program of study or to generate a "What-if" Analysis for a different major, minor, or concentraion, please follow these directions:

  1. Login to Gulfline
  2. Click Student & Financial Aid
  3. Click Student Records
  4. Click Degree Evaluation Instructions, located in parentheses below Degree Evaluation link or access the following link: