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Admissions Admitted

Admissions Admitted

Accepting your Admission Decision


Now that you've decided to attend Florida Gulf Coast University (you're an Eagle now!), you might be wondering what you need to do next:

Eagle View Orientation

Signing up and paying for the mandatory Eagle View Orientation is your first step to committing to Florida Gulf Coast University. We do not require an additional deposit, but there is a non-refundable fee associated with registering for Eagle View Orientation. You should sign up for Orientation early! At Orientation, you will have the opportunity to register for classes, receive academic advising, get to know other new students, learn about academic requirements, and start getting acquainted with your new University! Students who fail to register and pay for orientation may have their admissions cancelled and will only be allowed to enroll on a space available basis.

Applying for a Limited Access Program?

Students applying to one of FGCU's Limited Access Programs (Athletic Training, Nursing, PGA Golf Management, or Music) should verify separate application requirements and deadlines with each program. *Admission to FGCU does not guarantee admission to any Limited Access Program.

College of Health Professions (Nursing and Athletic Training) -

College of Arts And Sciences (Music) -

Lutgert College of Business (PGA Golf Management) -

Submit your immunization forms

If you have not already done so, you must provide proof of immunization before you can register for classes - so ideally, you should take care of this before your Orientation session. The student will provide immunization documents from other institutions/offices or the FGCU Immunization History Form at least 72 business hours PRIOR to class registration. The documents will be reviewed and determined complete or not by the immunization staff within 72 business hours after receiving them. Additional immunizations may be required for students living in University Housing or who major in health professions.

Questions and information about acceptable proof, exemptions or temporary deferments may be directed to Student Health Services at (239) 590-7966 or through their website at

Apply for on-campus housing!

If you have not already done so and you are interested in on-campus housing, you must obtain an application from the Office of Housing and Residence Life website at

Housing has priority admissions deadlines - so apply early!

Apply for Financial Aid

If you have not filed for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), we encourage you to do so immediately at If you have completed the FAFSA but did not include FGCU among the colleges and universities that should receive your application information, you can add FGCU to your FAFSA record by making corrections at Please be sure to include FGCU's code: 032553. Make sure to report your e-mail address on the FAFSA since FGCU will send financial aid award notices to students by e-mail.

Don't forget to apply for FGCU Foundation Scholarships & Tution Waivers. The application form for the Foundation Scholarships and descriptions of the scholarships and eligibility crieteria are available at Information about Tuition Waivers can be found at

Check your Residency Status!

Your residency status impacts your tuition rate and all students are classified as non-Florida residents, until the proper documentation is received by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Email at or call (239) 590-7915 if you have questions on your Residency Status. Residency cannot be changed after the first week of classes, so you should take care of this promptly.

Check for any outstanding application items!

We will make admissions decisions on preliminary transcripts. Your admission is contingent upon Undergraduate Admissions receiving your final transcripts from prior institutions including high school and college. A hold is placed on your registration for your 2nd semester at FGCU, so it is imperative you send in your final transcripts to complete your application. Check your student holds in Gulfline.


International Students

Remember to request any final transcript evaluations be sent to Florid Gulf Coast University. If you were in progress for courses, the first time you requested an evaluation, you will need to request a final evaluation be sent to Florida Gulf Coast University.

International Students should make sure to read the important pre-arrival information, which includes information on documentation/forms required, mandatory health insurance, how to register for courses, orientation, etc. -

Declining your Admissions or Deferring your Application to a future term

We hope you become a FGCU Eagle, but understand that plans change and your interest in FGCU might be for a future term. If you wish to decline your admission, please email the Undergraduate Admissions office at Please include your UIN and Full Name in the email.

If you wish to defer your application to a future term you can submit a Change of Term form . Your application can only be changed up to two terms past your original application term (summer is considered a term). If you are interested in changing your admissions to FGCU past two terms, you will need to reapply and pay the application fee again.

We encourage you to continue to check our website for answers to any questions that you may have concerning admissions or any other departments or offices on campus.

Visiting campus is the best way to see all that FGCU has to offer. If you haven’t already visited us, sign up for a campus visit today! We’d love to see you!

Submit your immunization forms