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Welcome Counselors!
The FGCU Undergraduate Admissions Office appreciates the mentoring you offer your students as you prepare them for their journey through the college and university admission process. Because we understand the importance of having information that is current, we would like to provide you with resources that will help guide your students through FGCU admissions with the hopes for a smooth transition from high school to FGCU.

High School Counselor Summer/Fall Admissions Updates - February 9, 2015

The year is off to great start; we’ve already admitted over 4800 students for Fall 2015 and have received over 11,000 applications—a 19% increase in admitted students compared to this time last year.   

Decision Times and Minimum Requirements

Currently we are in our peak admission period and it can take several weeks for an admission decision.  Please know the importance of reminding your students to be patient as we move through the applications to make decisions.  

  • “ON HOLD” decision- Students with “On Hold” decisions have been notified to send Fall semester grades and/or additional test scores in order to make their application more competitive. Students still on the hold decision list will be reviewed for final determination throughout the month of February.
  • In order to be competitive for admission, students must have a 3.0 weighted GPA or higher with 460 or higher on each of the SAT sections and/or 19’s or higher on the ACT sub-sections.  
  • Meeting these minimums DOES NOT guarantee admission.  Students with lower than these subsection scores should plan to retest and e-mail us at to let us know the intended test date, although test scores received after February 15th may not meet the Fall 2015 priority admission deadline- students should have a backup plan for the Fall semester.    

Competitive applicants

Average competitive student applicant profile for Fall 2015

  • 3.70 Weighted GPA
  • Composite scores: 24 ACT and/or 1567 SAT


Dates, Reminders, and Next Steps:

Eagle View Orientation (new student orientation)

  • Registration is OPEN! Students will be able to register and select their session by logging on to Gulfline no later than May 1, 2015
  • Eagle View Orientation in mandatory for all new FGCU students in order to register for classes.

February 15th

Priority deadline for admission- Students will be admitted on a space available basis after that date. 

March 1

Foundation Scholarship Application deadline 


  • Students who have Resident Alien cards should provide copies of those at the time they apply as we will need that information to determine student classification.

NOTE: All other residency documents will be reviewed after a student is admitted. 

  • We will process residency information for admitted students when we are able to. We do not need residency information to simply complete an application or make an admission decision. Our top priority is processing application documents first in order to make a timely decision. 

PIN Numbers

  • Students will be emailed a PIN the evening they have been admitted. They should check their junk mail if they cannot find it. They will use the PIN to log onto Gulfline where they will be prompted to set up security questions.
  • PINs will not be provided via fax or telephone. Request for PINs must be made in person or writing to the Registrar’s Office.


New: Students may only apply for housing AFTER being admitted (through their Gulfline student portal). 


 SAVE THE DATE: High School Counselor Workshop 2015- Friday, October 23, 2015

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