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Admissions - Undergraduate

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Step 1: Undergraduate Prospective Students
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Undergraduate Admissions
Howard Hall (main floor)
10501 FGCU Boulevard South
Fort Myers, Florida

(239) 590-7878
(888) 889-1095

Freshman Admission Process

  1. Submit the FGCU Undergraduate Admission Application for admission. There are 2 different ways to apply. You may apply online through our website or submit a paper application.
    • Be sure to properly complete the Residency Form and provide the proper signatures.
    • Be sure to complete the code of conduct section and provide any necessary documentation if needed.
    • Be sure to sign the application.
  2. You must submit the non-refundable $30.00 application fee (payable to Florida Gulf Coast University). If you apply online thru our website, you must pay the fee with a credit card or the application will not be processed. Application fees are not refunded if you paid the application fee using a credit card, check or cash but you were eligible for an application fee waiver.
  3. Have your high school send OFFICIAL high school transcripts reflecting all completed coursework to Florida Gulf Coast University.  A transcript is considered official if it is in a sealed envelope from the high school or if it is sent electronically directly to FGCU.  We accept electronic transcripts from most Florida Public High Schools.  Photocopies, faxed copies, and PDF attachments are not considered official.
    • Applicants who hold a GED must submit OFFICIAL GED test score results.
    • Applicants who are home-schooled must submit a transcript. If the home school is using a transcript service, have the service provide an OFFICIAL student transcript. If another transcription option is being utilized, please make sure to itemize each course completed by academic year. After grades are earned in the designated courses, the transcript should be signed by the home school educator and then have the signature notarized. If the home school is offering courses where the title does not make it clear as to subject content, please include a description of these courses.
    • Applicants who hold a degree from an out of country school that is equivalent to a high school diploma must have their transcripts sent to an outside evaluation agency. An evaluation will be done to determine whether the credential is equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma.
  4. If you have taken dual enrollment courses during high school, have the institution send an OFFICIALtranscript reflecting your coursework completed at that institution.
  5. Submit all OFFICIAL test scores. FGCU accepts the American College Test (ACT) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT I, Reasoning Test) for admission purposes. Students may take the ACT or SAT at any location convenient to them and have their scores sent to FGCU by indicating on the ACT registration form the FGCU Score Report code of 0733 or for the SAT indicating the Score Report code of 5221. To be considered official, the scores may be submitted directly from the testing agency by paper or electronically or be on an OFFICIAL high school transcript. (Due to priority admissions deadlines, students who are re-testing should test no later than February of the year they are applying for, in order to be given full consideration for that term. Students who test or submit their new scores after February and meet admissions criteria may have to defer their applications to a future term. This applies to students whose applications are complete by the priority admissions deadline only).
  6. Letters of Recommendation, Personal Statements, and Essays are not required for admission and will only be used when an applicant does not meet minimum requirements or if admissibility by regular admission requirements is questionable.

**NOTE**  Transcripts, test scores, and all supporting documentation received and opened by the university may not be transferred to a third party or the applicant and becomes the sole property of FGCU.

                     All documentation should be submitted to:  

                                           Florida Gulf Coast University
                                           Office of Undergraduate Admissions
                                           10501 FGCU Boulevard South
                                           Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565

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