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Admissions Prospective Students

Admissions - Undergraduate

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Step 1: Undergraduate Prospective Students
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Undergraduate Admissions
Howard Hall (main floor)
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Fort Myers, Florida

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Transfer Admission Requirements


FGCU Transfer Student

General Requirements Applicable to all Transfer Applicants

  1. Transfer applicants have earned 12 or more transferable college credit since receiving a standard high school diploma or its equivalent. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions determines the number of transferrable credits by evaluating applicants’ college transcripts. Applicants are classified as either an upper-level or lower-level transfer.

    Upper-level transfer applicants have graduated with an Associates of Arts (AA) degree from a Florida public college or university or they have 60 or more transferable credit hours.

    Lower-level transfer applicants have 12 to 59 transferable credit hours. Applicants who earn transferable college credit, regardless of the total number, before graduating high school are considered freshman; however, if they earn 12 or more credits after high school graduation they are considered transfer applicants.

  2. Their academic status must be in good standing and they must be eligible to return to the last institution attended as a degree-seeking student.

  3. Applicants who meet the minimum admission requirement are not guarantee admission into FGCU or its degree programs. Individual programs may have additional requirements including a supplemental application, minimum GPA, pre-requisites courses and test scores, so applicants should verify specific requirements with these programs prior to starting the application process. Applications received or completed after the posted deadlines may processed for admission into the requested term based on space or time limitations; therefore, some applicants may be offered admission into the next available term.

  4. Undergraduate Admissions determines the number of transferrable credit by evaluating applicants’ college transcripts. The following types of college courses are not transferable: technical, vocational, physical education or pre-college/remedial courses.

Please read each category to help you decide which application process you should follow. Failure to provide the required documents may slow down the application review process.


Specific Requirements by the Type of Transfer Student

1. AA graduates from Florida College System Institutions or State Universities (Upper-Level Transfer)

  • AA degree has been awarded and posted on official college transcript
  • Completed at least 60 transferrable hours and the general education requirement, excluding courses not accepted by the university.
  • Have an overall 2.0 GPA in all courses attempted as calculated by the university.
  • Completed 2 college-level courses in both English and math with a grade of C or higher

 2. AA graduates from non-Florida or private institutions (Upper-Level Transfer)

  • Have 60 or more transferrable credit hours, excluding courses not accepted by the university.
  • Have an overall 2.0 GPA in all courses attempted as calculated by the university.
  • Completed 2 college-level courses in both English and math with a grade of C or higher

 3. Applicants with 12 to 59 transferrable hours (Lower-Level Transfer)

  • Have an overall 2.5 GPA in all courses attempted as calculated by the university.
  • Must submit an official high school transcript and SAT/ACT test scores. They must meet the freshmen admission requirements.
  • A limited number of lower-level transfer applicants not meeting freshman admission requirements may be admitted if they can reasonably be expected to complete satisfactory academic work.
  • Factors such as the number of post-secondary hours completed, grades obtained, coursework completed, and length of time since high school graduation are some of the factors that will be considered.

 Upper-Level Transfer Math and English Course Requirement

Applicants can meet the math and English course requirements in one out of three ways:

  1. Completing an Associate of Arts degree at a public Florida State/Community College

  2. Completing 2 college-level courses in both English and math with a grade of C or higher. Upper Level Transfer applicants who have not completed an AA from a Florida public State/Community College will need to have at minimum two English Composition courses AND two college level Mathematics courses, such as Algebra, Statistics, Liberal Arts Mathematics, or Finite Mathematics. A grade point average of 2.5 or higher is required in the two English courses, as well as the two Mathematics courses. 

If an applicant has not been determined to meet course requirements through completion of an AA degree from a public Florida State/Community College, through grades from Math and English courses, or minimum test scores on the ACT or SAT, they may not be admitted to the university.