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First Year Advising

First Year Advising - Florida Gulf Coast University

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First Year Advising
Admitted Students
Enrolled Students
Transitioning Students
Parents and Guests

FGCU Main Campus
McTarnaghan Hall Suite 229

Mailing Address
Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Boulevard South
Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565
(800) 590-3428(FGCU)

Main Office
McTarnaghan Hall 229
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM
(239) 590-7875
(239) 590-7862 {fax}

South Village Office
Eagle Hall 4001 (4th floor)
Hours: Mon-Thur 8 AM - 7 PM &
  Fri 8 AM - 5 PM
(239) 745-4300
(239) 745-4336 {fax}

Contact Email
*email response time may be up to 1-2 business days.

Ghost Page

* = internal restricted intranet only access
Banner           vpn      Directory     Course Search         Google     Bing    *Checkbox login
*File transition log (protected)         *NSP access transition       *Scratch share transition       

*AAC Share File  AAC-Tech   ORR forms   CAS forms   AAUR

Academic Advisors
Academic Notice for First Year Students
Academic Calendar
Accuplacer Login
Admissions (fax: 239-590-7894)
Admiss. Def.
Admissions Officers per student last name
Advisee Expectations Document (web version)
AF hold info website    AV hold info website
AP/IB/CLEP Catalog
Appeal for Late Withdraw w/out Academic Penalty (CAS)
*Axis TV
Banner Form Key
Banner FGPO & Test   
*Banner Student SFAREGS Codes & Advisor Resources
BCAT info   DOS Referral
CAA    Eagle Success & Workshops   SI
CAS dept chairs (org chart)
CAS forms

Catalog online
*Certificate Request
Change of Major Form
Checkbox Intake    Event intake      Checkbox login     Checkbox account request
College Board
College Central Network
Confidentiality of Student Records 
Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education
CPT testing administration options document
CT (pdf)
Degree Audit (DW) Instructions    Student Instructions           
Door swipe card security info
E2-text admin login   user login
Eagle Reg
*Email account request (fgcu_primary\username)
Encryption resource   restricted data
*Equivalency-Substitution Form
EVO dates FTIC
*FLVC Advisor Approver login  (Navigation: Transient Student Admissions Application- Agents) New FLVC portal
FLVC E-transient form            First Year Advising Directions           Non-remedial College Advisor Directions
Fastrack faculty steps
Ferpa Form
FERPA govt. website
First Year Reading Project

Grade Forgiveness
Hold Key
Housing   Forms
HUB login
Immunization web      IM History Form (new)
IT Equipment Loan Reservation
Major Selection Workshops pdf
MPT Score Flowchart
MPT Instructions
MS desktop d
My Plan   pdf instructions
*Nursing (pre) - science accelerated track (internal only)
O text edit tutorial     
Orientation dates (FTIC)
Orientation assess     data
PARCC testing
Password reset
*PA Tool
PERT    PERT McCann prep    Pert at FSW
Phi Eta Sigma
Printer Map Run: \\fgcu-tang
Referral Form   DOS
Registrar's Forms (fax: 239-590-7983)
Registration Form FYA
Remedial     Statute     BOG    11/21/13
Remote desktop "Run" command: mstsc
Request Cert //fgcu-hammerhead
Retention Program
Step Ahead
Student Employee Expectations Student Record Expectations-Privacy
SV Fall 2013
Supplemental Instruction
Ten Learning Goals

Testing Center (fax: 239-590-7732)
Testing Store

Track it Ticket (help desk work order)
Transition Flier
direct vpn VPN Rem Desktop Instructions
Web Cape (foreign language placement score review) * instructions
*wlan-private config
Internal forms:
Accelerated Credit Declaration Form (also used for prerequisite overrides)
Appeal for Late Withdrawal w/out Academic Penalty (CAS)

General Advising Forms: (registrar's forms)
Add/Drop Form
Authorization to Release Information to a Third Party Form
Change of Major Form
Fee Adjustment Request Form
FYA Intake Form
Grade Forgiveness
Registration Form
Request for Reinstatement of Registration Form
Schedule Block Sheet
Withdrawal Form

Remedial Resources:
Remedial Website  
Remedial Expectations Document
FSW Remedial How To Enroll
Remedial Placement Guide
FSW Portal
FSW Course Search
FSW Orientation


Share Drive Resources:
AAC Share File
*Academic Standing Share (FYA & CAA "FGG-Academic Standing")
*Accuplacer contact info
*ASL hold adjustment clearance
*Athletics/FYA coral share

*Banner Internal Manual
*Course Audit Instructions
*Eagle flight plan - scratch share EFP-FYA share
*Early Transition students summer 2015 & archive (18+ credits)
*Email log temp repository
*Exceptional Admits (UA & FYA)
*FYA Advising Group Workshops
*FYA course audit folders & audit archive log
*FYA presentation
*Liaison connections
*OL training
*RMS (run & posted)
*SAAO-FYA share repository
*Scratch share FYAwebconv
*FYA & Testing Center share
*FYA & PGM share
*Music & New Student Programs
*Transition Students (FTIC's Early Transitioning to Colleges)

Report Access:
Accuplacer CPT reports login
*Campus Labs
*Cell Report Access: *Accuplacer contact info & *RMS (run & posted)

*Checkbox login
*Cognos Course Audits
*E-print (RGAM) prerequisite error report
*E-print (SOVI)
*EVO detail report   non-traditional FTIC    non-traditional web prep
*Exceptional Admits (UA & FYA)
*Forum Access
*Report Access (EVO lists)
(Res. Life #'s)


Orientation Print Materials:
Accelerated Credit Declaration Form
Advisee Expectations Document (print version)
FYA Agreement
FYA Gen Ed checklist 2015-2016
General Education Program Worksheet
IM/AR Hold Instructions purple
Schedule Block Sheet white Registration/schedule block sheet

Advisor EVO work week & prep list

Door postings
No Cell Phone
Quiet Testing
Testing Rules

EA Testers CLM Testers
Non Testers Remedial Testers (Rem. Yellow)

Orientation MPT Related:
MPT Score Flowchart
*Math Accel Table
Math Accelerated Student Note

MPT Facilitator Instructions
MPT Instructions   Updated Accuplacer Instructions
CLM for non testers display

Testing Rules

Orientation Advising Related:
*GEP Course Compilation

*Wish I knew PPT
*Major Math Matrix

ACD check in:
BC Broward
CF Central FL
DSC  Daytona
EFC Cocoa
FGC Gatway / Lake City
FKCC  Keys 
FSW Lee 
GCSC  Panama City  
HCC  Hillsborough 
IRSC  Indian River 
MDC  Miami-Dade  
PBSC  Palm Beach  
PHSC  Pasco-Hernando 
PSC  Polk 
SCF  Manatee  
SPC  St. Pete 
SF  Gainesville
Sem. S. Seminole   
SJR  St. Johns  
TCC  Tallahassee   
VC Orlando