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First Year Advising

First Year Advising - Florida Gulf Coast University

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First Year Advising
Admitted Students
Enrolled Students
Transitioning Students
Parents and Guests

FGCU Main Campus
McTarnaghan Hall Suite 229

Mailing Address
Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Boulevard South
Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565
(800) 590-3428(FGCU)

Main Office
McTarnaghan Hall 229
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM
(239) 590-7875
(239) 590-7862 {fax}

South Village Office
Eagle Hall 4001 (4th floor)
Hours: Mon-Thur 8 AM - 7 PM &
  Fri 8 AM - 5 PM
(239) 745-4300
(239) 745-4336 {fax}

Contact Email
*email response time may be up to 1-2 business days.

Student Hold Key


The University uses a system of Holds to ensure that students conduct business with the university in a timely fashion.  Students need to get in the habit of checking their holds via GULFLINE: (choose Student & Financial Aid option, then Student Records) on a regular basis so that they aren't prevented from registering for classes or changing their class schedules!

View a Tutorial on how to check your holds.

It is critical to take the steps that are necessary to remove all holds as soon as possible to allow processing time for departments, schools and agencies to send required information. Most holds restrict students from progressing with registration.

 The following chart is a reference key outlining actions required to have holds removed.  

  • Holds noted in pink will prevent you from registering for courses immediately.  
  • Holds noted in brown will keep you from registering for courses your second semester.
Hold Code
Office Responsible 
Hold resolution recommendation

AF: Freshman Advising Hold


First Year Advising

NONE - The AF hold activates and deactivates automatically according to the academic calendar and freshman registration dates. This ensures freshman students connect with first year advisors to discuss course scheduling, course withdrawals, and academic policies and procedures.  

Learn about how the AF hold is used


US: Undergraduate
Studies Advising Hold

Undergraduate Studies

NONE - the US hold identifies students advised through Undergraduate Studies.

GS: Graduation
Survey Hold


Career Development Services


Graduating students receieve an email with a customized link to the FGCU Graduating Student Survey, which must be completed by specified deadlines.  


IM: Immunization Hold

Student Health Services

All students must submit complete immunization records to Student Health Services prior to their first enrollment at FGCU.

View Immunization Requirement

Final college

transcript Hold


Undergraduate Admissions

Submit official final transcripts from all universities previously attended.  

FGCU Undergraduate Admissions

Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Blvd. South
Ft. Myers, FL 33965-6565

Faxed, copied, unsealed evelope submissions from former schools, or transcripts sent from a student's home are not official.


Final high school
transcript Hold

Undergraduate Admissions


Submit official final high school transcripts from the school that conferred your diploma.  

Official SAT/ACT test scores Hold


Undergraduate Admissions

Submit final official ACT/SAT scores to the university for admission to FGCU.

SAT- FGCU College Code 5221

SAT Score Request Information

ACT- FGCU College Code 0733

ACT Score Request Information


Official AP/IB/ AICE test scores 



Undergraduate Admissions

Submit final official AP/IB/AICE scores to the university for articulation of credit earned in high school.  

AP- FGGU College Code 5221 

AP Score Request Information

IB- International Baccalaureate

IB Transcript request information

AICE- Cambridge Examinations

AICE Transcript request information


Essentials Course Hold 

"My Student Body"
Prevention & Wellness

All undergraduate students must complete "My Student Body" Essentials Course during their first semester of enrollment to register for future semesters.

Learn about the MSB Essentials Course Requirement


Academic Standing Holds:

Academic Warning (WS)

Academic Probation (PS)

Academic Suspension (SS)

Probation after Academic Suspension (AS)

Academic Dismissal (DS)

Office of the Registrar


Requirements must be completed through: Center for Academic Achievement (CAA)



Students with an Academic Hold must regain their eligibility to register for classes through completion of the Academic Hold requirements, which are administered by the Center for Academic Achievement. 

Learn about the Academic Hold requirements and FGCU's Academic Standing Policy


SU: Suspension Hold

Office of the Registrar

Students on Academic Suspension are required to “sit out” one semester before reenrolling at FGCU. 

FGCU's Academic Standing Policy


PF: Parking Hold

Parking Services


Parking fees are owed to the university and must be paid at the Cashier's Office, McTarnaghan Hall.

Finance & Accounting Holds:

AR: Accounts Receivable 


TH: Web Transcript- Accounts Receivable 

Finance & Accounting/Bursar



Fees are owed to the university and must be paid at the Cashier's Office, McTarnaghan Hall. 

Financial Aid Holds:

FA: Financial Aid 

FH: Financial 


Financial Aid & Scholarships

The financial aid hold can be applied for several reasons:

Student must complete Exit Counseling – if a student ever had loans and is graduating, falls below half time, transfers, or withdraws then an exit counseling session is required.

Student owes Title IV funds – if a student withdraws before the 60% point of the semester and received financial aid then they may owe funds back to the school.

Student is delinquent/defaults on repayment – the student will be required to resolve the situation with their lender and provide a default clearance letter to the financial aid office.

As the student resolves each of the issues described the hold will automatically be removed. 


AV: College Advising Hold

College Advising Staff - based upon the major of the student 


FTIC (freshmen) students who are in good academic standing will transition to college advising during their second semester of enrollment, and must meet college-specific transition criteria and meet with a college advisor in order to register for future semesters at FGCU.

Learn more about the Advising Transition 


SC: Conduct Hold

Office of Student Conduct

Student has overdue and/or incomplete conduct sanctions or is involved in a pending case.

Learn more about the conduct review process

DH: Dean of Students Hold

Dean of Students/Judicial Affairs

Student has been suspended as a result of a judicial sanction.

Learn more about the conduct review process

HJ: Housing Judicial Hold

Housing & Residence Life

Student has overdue and/or incomplete conduct sanctions or is involved in a pending case with Housing & Residence Life.

Learn more about the residential student conduct process

RH: Registrar's Hold

Office of the Registrar

This hold prevents students from adding/dropping classes, requesting transcripts or viewing their academic records until they have resolved any pending issues with the university.  

SA: Student Athlete Hold

Athletics Academic Services


Varsity Athletes are required to meet with Athletics Academic Services prior to course registration.