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Alumni of Distinction Instructions


2013 Alumni of Distinction Society Award

Please read the below criteria and instructions before beginning the online nomination process:


  • A graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Distinguished in professional career, both regionally and nationally
  • Distinguished in community and recognized for accomplishments
  • Provides ongoing service to Florida Gulf Coast University

The following information is submitted via the online nomination form:

  • Nominee's First and Last Name
  • Nominee's Mailing Address, Phone Number and Email address
  • Nominee's College and Year of graduation from FGCU
  • Nominee's Place of Employment and Position/Title
  • Brief statements about the Nominee's qualifications:
    • Briefly describe why you think the nominee deserves the award for which they are nominated
    • Business/Professional Accomplishments
    • Community/Professional Affiliations
    • Decorations, Honors, Awards
    • Publications
    • Volunteer service to the University (please be specific)
    • What distinguishing qualities/characteristics make your nominee appropriate for this form of recognition
  • Your contact information
  • You will be asked to upload
    • Nominee's resume or curriculum vitae uploaded in .docx,.doc,.rtf, or .pdf format
    • At least two letters of support preferably from different constituencies (alumni, colleagues, experts in the field, faculty, staff, etc.) in .docx, .doc, .rtf, or .pdf format.

When you have all of the information gathered, begin the nomination process here.

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