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Membership Information:

Stay Connected to FGCU:

Whether you live near the university or far away, your membership is the best way to stay connected to FGCU.  Pinnacle Magazine, events and volunteer activities are all opportunities for you to stay connected with your classmates and to show school pride.

All FGCU Eagle fans can join:

All graduates and friends of FGCU can join the FGCU Alumni Association with either an annual membership or lifetime membership.  Membership plans include annual or lifetime memberships for individuals and/or joint members (joint membership allows for two people to join who reside at the same address). Shortly after signing up for membership, you will receive a welcome packet that includes your membership card. Please allow two to three weeks for your membership packet to arrive.

8 reasons why I should join:

1.  FGCU Pride
Your membership is a perfect way to support Florida Gulf Coast University.  Your dues go toward alumni programming that connects alumni, students, friends, and FGCU faculty members to build a stronger university.

2.  Career Networking
Whether it's through online services or career-focused events, the FGCU Alumni Association knows that career networking opportunities are a priority for our members, as we continuously develop services to support our alumni.

3.  Webinar Series
These quick and informative webinars are available once a month on Tuesdays during lunch time.  The webinar series help FGCU alumni gather information about pertinent topics that include: life after graduation, interviewing skills, getting into graduate school, the importance of networking and much more.

4.  Pinnacle Magazine
FGCUAA members receive all four issues of the FGCU magazine.  Pinnacle Magazine showcases the University's progress, expertise, and achievements, while highlighting opportunities for you to participate in the growth and development of your university.

5.  FGCU Alumni Events
FGCUAA members receive special invitations and discounts to FGCU events.

6.  Student Scholarships
Each year, FGCU alumni create scholarship opportunities for current students that help keep education affordable.  Awards are based on extracurricular activities, academic achievement, and civic duty.  The FGCUAA has raised over $25,000 in scholarships.

7.  Athletic Events & Ticketing
FGCUAA members will receive a discount of 20% off season tickets and $3.00 off day of sale tickets.  Discounts are not applicable for tournaments and post-season play.

8. FGCU Bookstore
FGCUAA members will receive a 10% discount on any clothing or gift item purchased in the FGCU University Bookstore.  So stock up on all your necessary Eagle Gear!

You belong to a strong network of over 14,000 FGCU alumni who have settled worldwide. Membership in the FGCU Alumni Association strengthens your personal and professional network. As a member, you are officially associated with FGCU and should consider the FGCU Alumni Association your "home" or headquarters for questions, visits and comments. Through this connection with FGCU, you will be informed about current events and issues related to FGCU and its graduates. Take advantage of this opportunity to continue your relationship with your alma mater.       


 Types of Membership: 

The following information provides a list of different types of membership.

 Annual Membership  
 Single Annual  $40.00
 Joint Annual
 (2 members at 1 address)

 Friend of FGCU
 (Non-FGCU Alumni)

 Joint Friend
 (2 Non-FGCU alumni at 1 address)
 Lifetime Membership*  
 Single Lifetime*  $400.00
 Joint Lifetime*
 (2 members at 1 address)
 Friend of FGCU Single Lifetime*
 (Non-FGCU Alumni)
 Friends of FGCU Joint Lifetime*
 (2 Non-FGCU Alumni at 1 address)

*Lifetime members receive the following benefits:

  • Free personalized Brick Paver placed in the Alumni Patio
  • All of the annual FGCU Alumni Association member Eagle Extras
  • Lifetime Member blue and green blanket
  • FGCU Alumni Association window decal
  • Lifetime membership card
  • One time payment of dues
  • Lifelong connection to FGCU

    Your membership and any additional donations you make go directly back into supporting the services and programs for you and other FGCU Alumni Association members.

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