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FGCU Student Ambassadors

FGCU Student Ambassadors

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Lindsey Touchette
Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving
Phone: 239-590-1016

Claire Gorman
Student Director



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Cynthia Rubio

Cynthia Rubio
Year: Senior

FGCU Major: BA Communication

Where are you from? Jalisco, Mexico

Why did you decide to come to FGCU?

I decided to attend FGCU because I share the same values and beliefs as the University does; the staff and faculty encourage us to achieve maximum growth, academically, intellectually, and personally. But the main reason why I decided to become an FGCU Eagle, was the service-learning requirement, or as we now refer to as "obligatory opportunities." I strongly believe that in order for us to take full advantage of our experiences as college students, we must roll up our sleeves, and do some work around our communities.

What do you most enjoy doing in your spare time?

Whenever I can find the time, I enjoy reading. I am one of those people who become ridiculously traumatized after the death of a character or incredibly happy when two characters fall in love. I also indulge in a few TV shows like Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, and The Office.

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