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Florida Gulf Coast University

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FGCU Student Ambassadors

FGCU Student Ambassadors

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Lindsey Touchette
Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving
Phone: 239-590-1016

Claire Gorman
Student Director



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Leigh White

Leigh White
Year: Senior

FGCU Major: BS Mathematics

Where are you from? Immokalee, FL

Why did you decide to come to FGCU?

I decided to attend FGCU because of the beautiful campus; I love the nature trails and waterfront. The class sizes are small; I'm not overwhelmed by the amount of students in my class and I can always get the required help I need from my professors.

What do you most enjoy doing in your spare time?

Whenever I can find the time, I enjoy reading mystery novels and watching shows and movies on Netflix such as Bones and Mythbusters. I also love researching subjects that I find interesting.

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