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Florida Gulf Coast University

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FGCU Student Ambassadors

FGCU Student Ambassadors

Contact Information
Lindsey Touchette
Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving
Phone: 239-590-1016

Claire Gorman
Student Director



Danielle Visone


Year: Senior

Major: BA Psychology

Where are you from?

West Palm Beach, FL

Why did you decide to come to FGCU?

I decided to attend FGCU because I loved the beautiful environment the school was surrounded by. The quiet, small home town feel the school just gave out reassured me I wouldn’t be lost in the shuffle among thousands and thousands of others. I saw opportunities to grow here, not only as a student academically but as a person with all the potential people I could meet.

What do you most enjoy doing in your spare time?

Whenever I can find the time, I enjoy working and volunteering. I fill my spare time with taking extra shifts at work, or volunteering with the Children’s Hospital and at Hospice. I love to stay busy and find I am most happy when I am spending my time with those in need. Not only do they benefit by having a smiling face to interact with but I learn a great deal about life and death and new ways to interact and work with people.