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Business Applications

Business Applications

Student FAQ's

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Are there any recommended, minimum requirements for purchasing a new computer?
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Does FGCU offer loaner laptops or computers for students?

At this time FGCU does not loan laptops or computers to students. There are, however, computers available for use in the Library.

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Can the Helpdesk assist me with upgrading my operating system? Or installing new software?

Yes, although the student is responsible for purchasing the software. You can purchase Microsoft Office and Windows 7 at the bookstore at a discounted rate. You can also purchase other software from some companies that have affiliations with FGCU. Go to Discounts page to see a comprehensive list. Business Technology Services Helpdesk would also like to remind you that before making changes to the operating system or adding new software or hardware, you should back up all of your important data.

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I received a copyright violation while in my dorm, what do I do?

BitTorrent is an Internet protocol typically used by many types of p2p applications, such as uTorrent, Vuze, Transmission etc. Please remove any of these clients to prevent getting caught by our p2p software again. You can either acknowledge or request an exemption from a p2p violation unless you are on strike 4. For more informtion please visit:

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I think I have a virus on my computer; can the Helpdesk assist me with removing it?

Yes, the Helpdesk can run various scans on your computer to diagnose the malware. Occasionally it may be necessary to re install the operating system, so make sure to back up your data regularly and bring the install discs with you to the Help Desk

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Besides my computer, what should I bring, to my dorm?

Other things to consider:

  • Purchase a surge protector or uninterruptible power supply.

  • Bring copies of your operating system, office suite, and other software application installation media (including product keys) in case a reformat or reinstall becomes necessary.

  • You may want to also bringing a printer.

  • Ethernet cable.

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Does Business Technology Services Helpdesk provide any support for privately owned computers?

Support for privately owned computers is limited to assistance with configuring the computer to access FGCU’s network, assisting connecting to university resources, basic troubleshooting and for anti-virus assistance. For more in depth assistance check to see if your computer is still under warranty, if so, consult the manufacturer. If your computer does not fall within a warranty, we suggest you contact a local repair center that has appropriate experience or certification to make repairs.

[ open ]
How do I register my mobile device?

Registering your mobile device is similar to registering your computer. You must register the mobile device from a computer already on the housing network. You will need the MAC address for your device (usually found under settings) and an active EagleMail account.

[ open ]
How do I connect to the internet in housing?

In order to connect to the internet in housing, you have to have an activated EagleMail account. Once you have activated the email account, we recommend that you pre-scan your computer to ensure that it meets the requirements, current and up to date operating system and a virus protection with latest updates, to be on the FGCU network. To scan your computer, go to the Prescan Page Once you pass the scan, you can then connect to either of the housing networks in Northlake (nlv) or Southlake (sovi). You will be redirected to the housing registration page. Follow the directions to register your gaming device.

[ open ]
How do I log into eagle mail?

Information on how to activate your EagleMail account can be found at

[ open ]
What if I can’t log on to Canvas?

Logging on to Canvas and logging on to your EagleMail are the same usernames and passwords.  Resetting your password through EagleMail will resolve most Canvas log in issues.  If you are able to log in to Canvas but having problems within the program, contact Academic Technologies at 590-7100

[ open ]
Can I get antivirus software for my computer?

Students are provided, free of charge, the latest antivirus software for windows and Macintosh operating systems.  Currently we are using Microsoft Security Essentials, for PC and Avast Free Mac Security for Mac.