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Business Applications

List of Authorized Account Requestors

Deans & Directors as well as their Assistant and Associate Deans and Directors are inherently Authorized Account Requesters. If no account requester is listed, then only the Deans, Directors, Assistant, and Associates can request accounts.

Attention new faculty and staff, you will need to contact your authorized requestor for your department to obtain your unique initial password to gain access to your FGCU account.

Division/Department Primary Distribution List(s) Requests may be made by:

Division of Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

Tiffany Jackson, Jennifer Baker, Whitney Longenecker

Academic & Media Technology Services

Academic and Event Technology Staff, WGCU, WGCU News

Muriel Olsen, Iris Gerstle,Terry Brennen, Sheri Coleman, Toby Cooke, Barbara Linstrom, Barbara Steinhoff

College of Arts & Sciences

Adjunct Arts & Sciences Faculty, Arts & Sciences, Arts & Sciences Faculty

Linda Amos, Patricia Rice, Carolina Contreras, Amy Vitiello

College of Business

Adjunct Business Faculty, Business College, Business Faculty, SBDC

Shelley Schlenk, Santiago Vidaurri, Jennifer Hernandez, Sara Hernandez, Iris Perez

Resort and Hospitality Management n/a Santiago Vidaurri
Professional Golf Management n/a Mike Padilla, Santiago Vidaurri

Center for Leadership and Innovation


Dan Regelski, Suzanne Specht

College of Education

Adjunct Education Faculty, Education College, Education Faculty

Bridget Bloomster, Jackie McNulty, Kandi Chamberlin, Dr. Marcia Greene, Sherree Houston

College of Engineering n/a Lynn See

Family Resource Center

Family Resource Center

Elizabeth Elliott

College of Health Professions

Adjunct Health Professions Faculty, Health Professions, Health Professions Faculty, Health Sciences, Nursing

Maureen Franey, Kim Hobart, Wanda Smith, MeLinda Coffey, Laura Carlton, Theresa Aguiar, Michelle Leaver, Sonnie Straw, Lori Zallie

Curriculum & Instruction

Office of Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Cathy Duff

International Services


Penny Pugh, Timothy Gjini, Elaine Hozdik

Off-Campus Programs and Continuing Education (AACE).

Continuing Education

Barbara Stewart, John Guerra, Joanne Hartke Dr. Paul Thornton

Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Research & Sponsored Programs

Theresa Aguiar, Lou Kirk. Dr. TC Yih

Graduate Studies


Caroline Campbell, Dr. TC Yih

Library Services

Library Faculty, Library Services

Donna Vazquez, Mario Bernado, Rebecca Donlan, Dr. Kathleen Miller, Dr. Barbara Stites

Planning & Institutional Performance

Planning and Institutional Performance

Lisa Banks, Paul Snyder, Lenore Benefield, Dr. Robert Vines,

University Registrar

Office of the Registrar

Mara Domingues, Karina Montalvo, Michele Brice, Susan Byars

Undergraduate Studies Undergraduate Studies Email List Diane Bova, Lindsay Singh, Tracie Beck, Lisa Paige
Division/Department Primary Distribution List(s) Requests may be made by:

Division of Administrative Services

Administrative Services VP

Michele Kroffke, Kelly Reyff

Controller's Office


Emile Pelotte, Betsy Dillingham, Rene Ackerson

Accounts Receivable


Mark Rusnak

Business Operations

Campus Reservations and Records Managements

Eric Balmer, Chelsea Cicero, Ruth Rodrigues

Business Technology Services Network Services, Helpdesk, Business Applications, Telecommunications Mary Berzak, Tim Shannon

Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting, Cash, Cashiers

Emile Pelotte, Betsy Dillingham,Rene Ackerson, Renee Garcia, June Gutknecht



Lisa Corbin

Student Financial Services

Financial Aid

Vicki Hartley, Holly Bullock, Brian Casey

Data Administration


Michele Kroffke, Kelly Reyff

Community Outreach
n/a Carolyn Greene

Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health & Safety

Beth McMasters, Willie Baca, Sandy Smith

Facilities Planning

Facility Planning

Lidia Hernandez

Financing Corporation


Patricia Pasden, Curtis Bullock, Michele Kroffke, Kelly Reyff

Physical Plant

Physical Plant

Vikki McConnell, Megan Barr, Troy Kelly, Dennis Nourse

Undergraduate Admissions


Monette Duck, Carmen Montes, Tamara Tassler

University Budgets


Michele Kroffke, Kelly Reyff, David Vasquez

University Police

Parking Services, University Police

Nancy Rounsifer, Steven Moore

Division/Department Primary Distribution List(s) Requests may be made by:

Division of Student Affairs

Student Affairs

Tammy McCaslin, Barbara Peterson, James M. Rollo

Campus Recreation


Stacy Hopkins, Suzanne Ries, Amy Swingle

Career Development Services


Reid Lennertz, Rita Giddens

New Student Programs

New Student Programs Email List, Orientation

Andrew Cinoman,Ney Arias, Sharon Lowther, Meredith Rankin, Adam Musolino, Lisa Ray, Corrinn Schwabrow, Ney Arias, Jelene Grace

Housing & Residence Life

Housing Residence Life Staff, Housing Staff

Anita Spohr, Jameson Moschella, Amelia Cepeda,Brain Fisher, Elizabeth Ingrao, Dennis Reffler, Jodie Lefferts, Sue Thomas

Student Development


Maria Koenig

Adaptive Services


Cori Bright, Maria Koenig, Barbara Fuentes

Assistant Dean's Office


Maria Koenig

Counseling & Psychological Services


Ewa Romanowicz, Dr. Jon Brunner, Dr. Judi Gibbons

Health Services


Diane McTygue, Paolo Estrada

Prevention & Wellness


Maria Koenig, Prya Thomas

Testing Center


Maria Koenig, Janet Ullman

Dean's Office (Student Life)


Suzanne Hertle, Chad Trisler, James M. Rollo, Dr. Michele Yovanovich, Jacquie Toth

Multicultural & Leadership Development


Cynthia Focks

Student Conduct

Student Conduct

Lauren Paxton

Multicultural Student Development



Office of Student Involvement


Julie Gleason, Suzanne Hertle

Student Government


Suzanne Hertle

Student Support Services & Outreach


Dolores Kiesler, Susan Genson

Division/Department Primary Distribution List(s) Requests may be made by:

University Advancement

University Advancement

Brianna Catton & Gerard Carrington

Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations

Brianna Catton, Gerard Carrington

Community Relations & Marketing

Community Relations & Marketing

Gerard Carrington, Brianna Catton, Francisca Jones



Gerard Carrington

Division/Department Primary Distribution List(s) Requests may be made by:

Division of Legal Affairs

Legal Affairs

Vee Leonard

Human Resources


Deborah Rego, Barbara Cloxton, Christine Lloyd

General Counsel


M. Todd Caraway

Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance

n/a Brandon Washington, M. Todd Caraway
Division/Department Primary Distribution List(s) Requests may be made by:

Office of the President

President's Office

Beverly Brown, Linda Cento

Office of The VP and Chief of Staff n/a Tiffany Reynolds, Lillian Pagan

Education Services & EEO Programs



Intercollegiate Athletics

Athletics Staff

Trish Blankenship, William Blood, Mike Estes, Matt Fairchild, Kenneth Karavanagh, Kathy Peterson

Internal Audit


Carol Slade

University & Government Relations

University & Government Relations

Jennifer Goen, Herminia Mendoza