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Email Management
  • Assist with moving, deleting, archiving and organizing emails.
Microsoft Office for Home Use
  • Provide Faculty/Staff with a personal copy of Microsoft Office Professional at no charge to them.
My VPN Support
  • Assist with and troubleshoot connecting to MyVPN website and configuring access to office computer from off campus.
Software Discounts
  • We offer discounts on software through different manufactures including Microsoft, Dell, and Apple.
University Software Installation and Support
  • We install and provide assistance with programs approved for use by the university (i.e. Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader).
  • Buisness Technology Services also hosts, and provides a wide varity of applications used by all members of the university. Some of these systems support day to day operations of the university, or assist facult and students with pursiuing their academic goals.
Virus Protection and Removal
  • We provide anti-virus software that protects against and removes viruses.



Banner Reporting (Cognos)
  • Support and provide custom system reports for university systems.
Data Recovery
  • Assist with recovering data that has been deleted or lost due to hardware failure.
  • All university systems are backed up on a constant basis to cover against the unexpected. File servers are backed up nightly, as are the faculty/staff email system, and the student information systems.
  • Business Technology Services (BTS) backs up electronic mail for the purpose of restoring the entire electronic mail system in the event of a disaster.  Backup tapes/disks are retained for a period of one month and cannot be used as a convenience to retrieve “Deleted” messages.  While in some cases it may be possible to recover from the accidental deletion of files by a user, this is generally not feasible, and therefore users are responsible for backing up individual messages and folders as appropriate.
Data Transfer
  • Facilitate transfer of user data to and from computers.
Data Wipe
  • We securely and thoroughly delete all data on computers marked for disposal.
Data Installation Services
  • While all buildings come with much preinstalled data wiring, sometimes it is not where it should be. Buisness Technology Services offers services to have additional data ports for phones/printers or computers installed in a location of your choice. Please contact us at 239-590-1188 if you have any request for additional data wiring.


Password Maintenance
  • Work with user to assist them in changing passwords and resetting them.
Network Shared Folder Support
  • Assistance in Mapping Network Drives for user access and troubleshooting access issues.
On Campus Network Connectivity
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity issues that users may have with connecting to the networkeither wired or wireless.
  •  Maintains FGCUs Internet connections
Off Campus Network Connectivity
  • The growth of Florida Gulf Coast University has opened opportunities in offsite locations for the university. Buisness Technology Services makes sure that all remote users have the same reliable computing experience as our on campus users


Get Secure Campaign
  • A seminar that educates users on staying safe while using a computer and best practices.
  • The User Knowledgebaseto search an ever growing library of documentation for users to troubleshoot common computer problems and complete simple tasks on their own.  This library is a SharePoint library that is updated by Computing Service.  To learn how to optimize the use of this library read Use the User Knowledgebase.
Microsoft Office Trainings
  • FGCU’s Business Technoogy Services is offering Microsoft Office Training Classes. For more information please visit the Training site here
Hardware Repairs on University Machines
  • Facilitate repairs on university machines on campus
End of Life Computer Disposal
  • We Dispose of machines that are at the end of life
Hardware Purchasing Guidence
  • Assistance with any recommendations for Hardware based on users’ needs
Custom Hardware Configurations
  • Offer solutions to Custom configure hardware based on user’s needs.
Mobile Device Support
  • Assistance with users mobile devices and configuring email to work with them
New Device Installation
  • Assistance in Installation of Items such as Printers, monitors, and other devices.
  • Buisness Technology Services provides file and print services to all faculty and staff users. File services are hosted on various different servers providing departments with space to share their work within their own department and also with others. All file shares are backed up on a regular basis (see backup and disaster recovery)
Computer moves( Breakdown and Set up)
  • Assistance when faculty or staff is moving with Breaking down and Setting back up computer to be operational for user
Computer Discounts
  • We offer discounts of  hardware through different manufactures
Loaner Computers for Serviced Machines
  • Offer checkout laptops for users when their office machine is being serviced
Computer Standards for University Desktops and Laptops
  • Define what the university standards are for machines on the network and post for users to see


  • New Phone Installation (i.e. Avaya 9611 Desk Phones, IP Conference Phones, Classroom Phones etc…)
  • Existing User Changes (i.e. Old office to new office moves, phone upgrades, name changes etc…)
  • TBA to new user assignment (i.e. New user taking over an existing department extention.)
  • Extension Disconnects (If you want to get rid of a phone number all together.)
  • Feature/Configuration Changes (i.e. Call Forwarding, voice mail and authorization codes for long distance.)
  • University Cell Phone Program (i.e. University provided, employee stipend, or departmental prorated)
  • Century Link Centrex Message Line (For off-Campus satellite locations)
  • Toll-Free Lines
  • Line Only (i.e. A featureless second extension added to an existing phone)
  • Analog Line (i.e. Polycom conference phones, TTY, analogue dependent software etc.)
  • Automated Attendant – (Press 1 for… Press 2 for…etc.)
  • Suncom Reservation-less Conferencing(Various audio conferencing options.)
  • Digital Faxing (Faxing from you desktop computer.


*All requests for services and related changes to the University phone system are made by selecting the appropriate form which can be accessed online.

*Expected completion time is 7-10 business days:

  • The Department of Telecommunications would appreciate as much notice as possible.
  • A monthly and/or one-time charge may apply for requested service(s).
  • Please contact the Department of Telecommunications for further pricing information.
  • To report a telecommunications problem, please call x1001 (239-590-1001), or send an email to


Offer Functional support in the following areas: 
  • Finance
  • Student
  • Human Resources
  • Student Financial Services
  • Account Receivable
  • Housing
  • Parking