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Connecting Remotely


FGCU resources, email, network shares, and various web pages and computers are needed while off-campus. There are methods of accessing theses, but how you access these will be determined by what you need access to. Options for VPN connections, checking email, and mobile devices can be found here.  Remote access to Florida Gulf Coast University resources is limited to current FGCU affiliates.


Web Based VPN is a web based VPN connection that will provide access to university resources from any location that you have internet and a internet browser (Internet Explorer & Safari).

For information on specific accessing Banner, Network Shares or to Remotely Control your desktop computer please visit our Knowledge Base:

Business Technology Services Knowledge Base(MyVPN)



There are several methods provided for you to check your email. The method you pick to connect depends on the situation and location when checking your email. While working from your office, you will have total access to all of your email and calendar items. However, if off campus and you need to check your email, please adhere to the following:

What will I have access to, and how or when will I connect?

  • Full access to all email
  • Contacts
  • Calendar/To do Bar
  • Tasks
  • All personal folders
  • Full access to all email
  • Contacts
  • Calendar/To do Bar
  • Tasks
  • Full access to all email
  • Contacts
  • Calendar

Remote Desktop Email

You would use this option from your own computer, after you connect to FGCU via MyVPN and remotely connect to your desktop computer using “Remote Desktop Connection"

Outlook Anywhere

You would use this option if you have your own personal computer with Office 2007 installed, and configured connect to FGCU Via Outlook Anywhere


You would use this option when you do not have your own computer, but do have access such as, an internet café, or public computer.

Via WebMail

Getting your mail on a mobile device

Instructions for Android

Instructions for iOS

Instructions for Windows Phones