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Business Applications

Business Applications

Parent FAQ's

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Where is your office located and what are your Hours of Operation?

We are located on Campus in Ben Hill Griffin III Room 252 and we are open Monday thru Friday From 7:30am until 5:00pm.

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What kinds of support can you offer my son or daughter with their computer?

Support for personally owned computers is limited to assistance with configuring the computer to access FGCU's network, assisting with connecting to university resources, basic troubleshooting, anti-virus and Malware assistance. Please Contact Buisness Technology Services at (239) 590-1188 for further information or questions.

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What type of antivirus will my son/daughter need?

There are many antivirus programs available these days. Most all of them will work fine on our network as long as they are updated frequently. The most commonly used antivirus on campus for PC’s is a free download called Microsoft Security Essentials. You can download it here.The most commonly used antivirus on campus for mac’s is a free download called Avast Free Mac Security. You can download it here .

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Can my son or daughter connect their wireless device to the housing network?

Yes, however they will have to register each device on our housing network when on campus so that the device will be recognized on the housing network and then they will have access. With the exception of wireless printers as they are not supported on campus.

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Besides my computer, what should my son or daughter bring when living in housing?

Other things to consider:

  • Purchase a surge protector or uninterruptible power supply.

  • Bring copies of your operating system, office suite, and other software application installation media (including product keys) in case a reformat or reinstall becomes necessary.

  • You may want to also bringing a printer.

  •  Ethernet cable.

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What are FGCU’s minimum computer specifications?
[ open ]
What kind of computer does my son or daughter need?

Many students find laptop computers to be very helpful during their studies at FGCU. Laptops offer convenient access to FGCU’s network (wireless or wired), e-mail, and Internet resources. If you are planning to purchase a new laptop, FGCU’s Business Technology Services  has worked with Dell to offer computers (laptop, or desktop) at a discounted price. Apple also offers a discount to students.Dell University for more information

[ open ]
Will my son or daughter’s computer work on campus?

Yes, if the student has a dorm room they will have access to internet through a wired connection and also a wireless connection. If the student is on campus there is a public wireless network that anyone can access.

[ open ]
Does FGCU offer any discount on computers or software?

While the Help Desk can help students obtain free antivirus software, we do not supply any other software. You can purchase Microsoft Office and Windows from the bookstore at a discounted rate. You can also purchase other software from some companies that have affiliations with FGCU. Go to Discounts page to see a comprehensive list. The Help Desk would also like to remind students to back up their important data before making changes to the operating system or adding new software or hardware.