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Center for Academic Achievement

Academic Coaching


Center for Academic Achievement

What is Academic Coaching?

A free personal consultation with one of our Academic Retention Coordinators designed to help you address specific academic topics. Together with an Academic Retention Coordinator, students examine habits of working, current academic difficulties, develop individual academic goals, and enhance knowledge of campus resources.






Why should I meet with an Academic Retention Coordinator?

Meeting with an Academic Retention Coordinator is comfortable and low-maintenance. It is a chance for you to talk about your own experience at Florida Gulf Coast University, in and beyond the classroom. Academic Retention Coordinators are available to coach students through obstacles that arise at any point in the academic career and to help students create positive, effective habits.


Topic-based meetings with an Academic Retention Coordinator

Anytime you...

  • want to explore academic options of any kind
  • want to sharpen your learning or life management skills
  • feel you’re “not doing well”
  • have questions about any kind of academic policy
  • feel undue academic pressure
  • want to get connected to a campus resources, but do not know where to beging
  • need assistance with time management and organization
  • discover personal learning style
  • want to set academic goals
  • study strategies for tests and exams
  • understanding and reflecting on transition difficulties

 Academic Coaching Resources  

 Time Management Handout

SQ3R Reading Comprehension Tips

Anti- Cramming Test Prep Schedule



To schedule an appointment with an Academic Retention Coordinator, email, call (239)590-7906(239)590-7906, or stop by the Center for Academic Achievement in LIB 103 and Eagle Hall suite 4001. We look forward to seeing you!