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Center for Academic Achievement

Eagle Success Program


Center for Academic Achievement

The Center for Academic Achievement is dedicated to taking a proactive approach to the academic success for all FGCU students. The Eagle Success Program is designed to engage students academically to promote academic responsibility, college skill development, and overall college success.


The Eagle Success Program is a voluntary, semester long program to assist with the development of:

  • Skills for success in the classroom
  • Meaningful relationships with faculty and staff on campus
  • Goal setting
  • Personal ownership of your academic achievement


Who should join the Eagle Success Program?
  • All FGCU students are highly encouraged to join
  • First-year students who want to ensure a smooth transition from high school to college
  • Students with an Academic Standing Hold
  • Students who are interested in earning admission to Limited Access Majors


What are the benefits of the Eagle Success Program?
  • Increased academic performance
  • Develop meaningful relationships with FGCU faculty and staff
  • Personal ownership for student academic achievement
  • Map short- and long- term academic goals


What are the components of the Eagle Success Program?
  • Commitment to Success (sign-up form/contract)
  • Individual Academic Plan
  • Participation in a minimum of 3 Student Success Workshops
  • Academic Coaching session with an Academic Retention Coordinator
    • Encouraged to schedule in the first 4 weeks of the semester
  • Appointment with an Academic Advisor
    • Suggested to take place after the 2nd week and by the 6th week of the semester


Completion of the above components, prior to March 7th, 2014, will earn students with an academic standing hold access to online registration (all documentation must be submitted to the Center for Academic Achievement). Also, completion of the listed components will assist students with an academic standing hold to meet the FGCU academic standing registration requirements.


For more information email, call (239)590-7906, or visit Center for Academic Achievement in LIB 103