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Center for Academic Achievement

The Center for Academic Achievement at FGCU offers various programs and services to support academic success. The Academic Retention Program is staffed with professional, Academic Retention Coordinator available to provide individualized academic coaching and workshops to support students. Additionally, the Instructional Support Program offers a Math and Science Tutoring Lab and Supplemental Instruction to all FGCU students.


More information about the CAA programs and services may be found below:

Absent Professor Program

If a professor plans to attend a conference, has a professional meeting or any other commitment that interferes with a class meeting the Center for Academic Achievement can provide backup service. Rather than cancel class we would love the opportunity:

  • To coach students on academic skills
  • To introduce them to a current topic of interest
  • To provide information on ways to enhance the educational experience

Fill out the Absent Professor Program Request Form to utilize this service for your course. If possible, the CAA staff prefers a two week notice to accommodate you presentation needs. Although, we do our best to meet each request we can not guarantee this service.



FASTRACK is a web based early warning system which allows faculty the opportunity to quickly send a report regarding a student who may be at academic risk. The report is submitted to First Year Advising in the Office of New Student Programs where an academic advisor who serves as a liaison for student success in early intervention will contact the at-risk student. Additionally, the report will be forwarded to several other departments that can assist the student to address the academic concern. Faculty submitting FASTRACK reports will receive email feedback regarding the intervention approaches taken with the referred student.


Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction is offered by the CAA primarily for historically difficult courses where 1/3 or more of the students typically earn a D, F, withdraw, or have a high degree of repeating students. Each SI leader attends one professor's course and conducts weekly review sessions. All students in the course can participate in these groups to discuss content for the week's lecture. Students work collaboratively in groups and brainstrom to solve problems and to increase understanding of course material. SI leaders facilitate discussion through Socratic questioning and other high-level cognitive learning methods. Additionally, SI leaders help students develop study techniques such as note taking, exam formulation, time management and other skills critical for success.


Instructional Support Tutoring Lab

Group tutoring is a great way to supplement students' classroom learning. The tutor can give attention to student's needs, while at the same time students will benefit from the questions and expereince of the other group members. While tutoring never replaces course work or class lecture, it does enhance material presented in the classroom. The underlying objective of tutoring is to assist students in becoming independent and confident learners.


For more information email, call (239)590-7906, or visit Center for Academic Achievement in LIB 103