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Center for Academic Achievement

Center for Academic Achievement

Supplemental Instruction for Faculty


The Center for Academic Achievement strives to develop relationships with faculty as they play a key role in the success of Supplemental Instruction. The faculty member can be an excellent resource and mentor for the SI Leader, for their academic and personal development. The CAA encourages frequent interactions between the faculty and students to ensure that each SI session is valuable to the students in your course. This interaction models the student-faculty relationship, which validates that faculty are the most valuable resources in the course.

Expectations of Faculty

The SI program is designed to minimize additional faculty time commitment. On average, faculty commitments include:

  • Promote SI Study Sessions (2 minutes)
    • Class Announcement: Since SI attendance is voluntary, it's important to let the SI leader speak for a few minutes at the beginning of your first or second lecture to promote the study sessions.
    • Endorsement: Include SI session information in your syllabus and verbally endorse the session at the beginning and throughout the semester by displaying a PowerPoint slide with the session times prior to class. Provide the SI leaders a few minutes at the beginning of class to make weekly announcements.
    • Meet weekly with the SI Leader (10-30 minutes)
      • Reflection: Briefly discuss with your SI leader what took place in the sessions and share ideas on how to present difficult subject matter. Be a resource and mentor for the SI Leader.  This can take place during office hours.
      • Provide recommendations for new SI Leaders & encourage students to apply for the position

Supplemental Instruction Leaders

In small, informal groups, SI Leaders guide students in the study session and provide the tools students need to find answers on their own and gain confidence as a learner. SI Leader duties include:

  • Attending class meetings and taking notes
  • Designing creative lesson plans based on material emphasized in lectures, homework assignments, and exam objectives
  • Holding two or three SI study sessions each week
  • Meeting with the professor/instructor weekly for feedback
  • Encouraging students to attend SI sessions

If you would like to discuss SI for your course, the role of the SI Leader, or have any questions regarding the program and services, please contact:

Lindsay Singh, Assistant Director, Center for Academic Achievement

(239) 590-7992