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Center for Academic Achievement

Instructional Support Tutoring Lab


Center for Academic Achievement

Click on the Schedules tab to the left to view each courses scheduled times.  You can connect the Google Calendar to your google account so you always know when and where to go.


The CAA offers FREE drop-in tutoring in only a group setting in various courses at Florida Gulf Coast University. Students should seek tutoring and academic support from the instructional support tutoring labs early in the semester. While tutoring never replaces course work or class lecture, it does enhance material presented in the classroom.

The underlying objective of tutoring is to assist students in becoming independent and confident learners. The CAA Instructional Support Leaders develop and expand the skills and resources necessary to fortify student self-confidence and success in the academic environment.


Direct questions regarding instrtuctional support tutoring services to:

Tom Hamrick, Instructional Support Coordinator

Center for Academic Achievement



**Instructional Support Leaders: The position is available to Undergraduate and Graduate students.  Instructional Support Leaders receive extensive training. They work closely with the departments and instructors; they often sit in on classes in order to be familiar with the methods used by the instructor. If you are interested in becoming a Instructional Support Leader complete the application and return to the CAA office.