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Center for Academic Achievement

Center for Academic Achievement

Student Success Workshops


Soar to Success Workshops


Test Taking Strategies Workshop Tuesday November 1 at 5:30 pm Palmetto Hall 454Workshop ScheduleTeam Academic Coaching Thursday November 3 at 3 pm Library West 122MLA Format & Citations Workshop Tuesday November 8 at 5 PM Eagle Hall 5002Team Academic Coaching Thursday November 9 at 3 pm Library West 122Test Taking Strategies Workshop Tuesday November 16 at 3 pm Library West 122


 The Center for Academic Achievement provides all FGCU students free workshops to enhance their academic success.  Student Success Workshops are held in either the Library or South Lake Village.  Please check the schedule for times and locations of the workshops. 

Florida Gulf Coast University provides reasonable accommodations upon request. Advance notice is encouraged to best meet the needs of attendees and can be arranged by calling the CAA at 239.590.7906239.590.7906.

Student Success Workshop Outcomes:  

Creating a Study Group  

Study Group Starter Kit  
  • Choose when and how to participate in a study group
  • Employ the 7 steps to avoid study group pitfalls
  • Discuss the learning options for a study group  

Developing Effective Study Habits 

  • Develop strategies to effectively utilize study time
  • Understand the crucial study differences between high school and college
  • Discover how to set up a study schedule and focus on why students procrastinate


  • Understand how to avoid the “sophomore slump” and “senioritis”
  • Develop strategies to create a positive attitude
  • Identify skills to remain engaged in the classroom

Shaping your Academic Experience  

  • Discuss the importance to be intentional and selective with your engagement experiences
  • Identify strategies to be engaged and involved in your academic career 
  • Discover methods to utilize during challenges and obstacles in your college success

SMART Goals  

  • Develop skills to plan long- and short-term goals
  • Discover how to set and achieve realistic attainable goals for college and life
  • Identify available resources to assist with ‘roadblocks’

Staying Organized for Success 

  • Identify and apply strategies to create a self-management system
  • Discuss how to effectively plan your academic semester
  • Identify resources and opportunities that contribute to an academically successful semester

Test Taking Strategies 

  • Evaluate the benefits of proper test preparation
  • Develop effective study strategies
  • Discuss how to prepare for specific testing situations

Thriving in College – Choices of Successful Students 

  • Describe  tips that upper level college students have instituted to achieve success
  • Discuss habits that will help you succeed in college
  • Employ strategies to maintain academic success


 For more information email, call (239)590-7906, or visit Center for Academic Achievement in LIB 103