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Paul Adl

Visiting Instructor, Chemistry
Phone: (239) 590-7146
Office: LIB 461B


Post-Doctoral Fellow: Pennsylvania State University (University Park, PA).
Ph.D.: Physical Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University (University Park, PA).
MS, Physical Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University (University Park, PA).
BS: Chemistry, University of Illinois (Urbana, IL.)

Professional Experience: Skilled in a variety of instrumental and wet chemical analytical methods including E-Beam analysis, Thermal analysis, ICP-MS, ICP-OES, FTIR, UV/VIS, XRF/XRD

Research Interests: Application of modern analytical methodologies to the study/inspection of environmental samples

Partial Listing of Publications:

  • External (2008): Ferromagnetism in Rutile structure Cr doped VO2 thin films prepared by reactive-bias target ion beam deposition J Supercond 21 (2008) 87.
  • External (2004): Performing ICP-MS characterization of high-purity chemicals in fab delivery systems, Micro, April 2004
  • External (2000): Maintaining an on - site analytical chemistry lab to monitor air and site water quality, Micro, October 2000
  • TR (1994): Application of MDQ initiatives to chemical supplier quality management.
  • TR (1993): XRF/ICP analysis of electroless-plated copper on epoxy laminates.
  • Invention Disclosure: (1993) Determination of electroless copper stabilizer with 1, 1-dichloro-1-fluoroethane.
  • TR (1990): Multiple layer thin film measurements without the use of standards
  • External (1989): x-ray diffraction of thin oxide films on soldered module pins, Advances in X-Ray Analysis 32, (1989).
  • TR (1988): Analysis of corrosion on Golf modules.

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