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Ai Ning Loh

Ai Ning LohAssociate Professor of Marine Science
Phone: (239) 590-7261
Office: AB7 435

Ai Ning Loh joined the Marine Science faculty at Florida Gulf Coast University in 2003 after completing her doctorate at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary. Her background is in the marine sciences where she has worked in riverine, estuarine and open ocean environments and her current research focuses on investigating the character and the sources and fate of natural organic matter and nutrients. She is an experienced analytical chemist with expertise in organic geochemical analysis using column and gas chromatography (GC), radio- and stable-isotope analyses using accelerator mass spectroscopy (AMS) and isotope-ratio mass spectroscopy (irMS) and total dissolved and particulate carbon and nutrient analyses using both manual and autoanalyzer systems. Dr. Loh also has extensive field experience sampling in both oceanographic and estuarine environments. She has given over 10 presentations at international and national meetings and has served as manuscript reviewer for Deep-Sea Research I and Limnology and Oceanography. Dr. Loh has mentored high school and undergraduate student research interns and is currently teaching marine chemistry and the marine science general education course at Florida Gulf Coast University.

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