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College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

Mari DeWees, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Phone: (239) 590-1468
Office: MH 177

Ph.D. Sociology, University of Florida
M.A. Sociology, Auburn University
B.A. English, University of Florida


DeWees, Mari A. and Karen F. Parker, “Women, Region, and Types of Homicide: Are There Regional Differences in the Structural Status of Women and Homicide Offending?” Homicide Studies, 7:4 (2003): 368-393

Parker, Karen F., Mari A. DeWees, and Michael Radelet, “Racial Bias and Wrongful Convictions.” Criminal Justice, 18:1 (2003): 48-54

DeWees, Mari A. and Karen F. Parker, “The Political Economy of Urban Homicide: Assessing the Impact of Gender Inequality on Sex-Specific Homicide Victimization.” Violence and Victims, 18:1 (2003): 1-20

Parker, Karen F., Mari A. DeWees and Michael Radelet, “Racial Bias and Conviction of the Innocent.” Wrongly Convicted: Perspectives on Failed Justice, edited by Saundra D. Westervelt and John Humphrey (Newark, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2001): 114-131


Women and crime
Elderly abuse and victimization
Homelessness and victimization
Race and wrongful convictions