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College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

Joanne Muller

Associate Professor of Marine Science
Phone: (239) 590-1251
Office: SH 435

Joanne Muller is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Marine and Ecological Sciences. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia and received her Ph.D. in Paleoclimatology from the James Cook University, Australia. Prior to being recruited to FGCU in 2011 Dr. Muller was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Dr. Muller’s current research interests center on past climate change in tropical latitudes with special focus on the Southwest Florida region.

Teaching Interests: Earth Science, Paleoclimatology and Meteorology.

Research Interests: Past dynamics of El Nino Southern Oscillation, Monsoon and Hurricanes in tropical and subtropical latitudes.

Selected Publications:

  • Muller, J., McManus, J.F., Oppo, D., Francois, R., Brown-Ledger, S. (in review) Strengthening of the North-East Monsoon over the Flores Sea, Indonesia, at the time of Heinrich Event 1. Geology, Vol 40, pp. 635-638
  • Muller, J., Kylander, M., Wu¨st, R., Weiss, D. Martinez-Cortizas, A., LeGrande, A. Jennerjahn, T. Behling, H. Anderson, W. Jacobso, G., (2008) Possible evidence for wet Heinrich phases in tropical NE Australia: The Lynch’s Crater deposit, Quaternary Science Reviews, Vol 28, pp. 468-475
  • Muller, J. Kylander, M.E. Wu¨st, R.A.J, Weiss, D.J. Martinez-Cortizas A.M., Blake, K., Coles, B. and Garcia-Sanchez, R., (2008). The use of principle component analyses in characterizing trace and major elemental distribution in a 55 kyr peat deposit in tropical Australia: Implications to paleoclimate, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Vol 72, pp. 449- 463.
  • Kylander, M.E. and Muller, J. (2008) Inorganic Geochemistry in Paleoclimate: Tools and Trends in the Analysis of Peat and Lake Sediments. In Climate Change Research Progress (Ed. Lawrence N. Peretz.) Nova Publishers, pp. 161-186

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