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Application Materials

The Department of Biological Sciences offers an exciting opportunity to Florida Gulf Coast University students who seek a career in osteopathic medicine or pharmacy. By agreement between the Florida Gulf Coast University, College of Arts and Sciences and the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Bradenton, FGCU offers an opportunity for students to pursue a career in medicine or pharmacy in an accelerated or traditional program of study. Qualified students with successful application into our Medical Education Program, pursue the Bachelor of Science in Biology degree at FGCU. Students who complete all program requirements can earn their baccalaureate degree and their DO or Pharm. D. degree after a minimum of seven years of study provided they continue to meet all program requirements.

The program provides students with a sound and rigorous baccalaureate foundation that includes an interdisciplinary curriculum in the chemical, mathematical, and physical sciences as well as a broad basis in the biological sciences preparing students for a professional curriculum. Students are provided opportunities to work closely with FGCU and LECOM Bradenton faculty and are mentored in the application process, research, MCAT or PCAT preparation, volunteering, and curriculum advising.