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CAS Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (CAS-UCC)

Meeting Schedule


CAS UCC Meeting Schedule

 09/09/16   3:00, SH 402, Election of UCC Chair and schedule UCC Meeting times to review Curriculum proposals 
09/15/16  9:00, SH 402, Enviro Studies
09/23/16  3:00, SH 402, Art, Poli Sci, and Theatre
09/29/16  9:00, SH 402, All Music
10/13/16  9:00, SH 402, Comm, Crim Just BS, Forensic BS, Legal Studies BS, Math, Sociology and Stats course
10/14/16  3:00, SH 402, Anthro, English, Medieval Studies Minor, Museum Studies Minor
10/21/16  3:00, SH 402, Bio, Biochem, Chem, Forensic Science, Marine Sci, Chem Minor, Climate Change Minor
10/27/16  9:00, SH 402, Final review/edits





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