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Chemistry (B.A.)

Chemistry (B.A.)

David Brown

David BrownProfessor of Chemistry and Program Leader for Biochemistry
Phone: (239) 590-7483
Office: SH 436


  • Professor of Chemistry
  • B.S. Medical Technology, Brigham Young University, 1980
  • Ph.D. Biochemistry/Biophysics, Oregon State University, 1992
  • Post-Doctoral research, Washington State University, 1992-1996

I teach the following courses on a regular basis:

  • General chemistry II w/ lab
  • Organic chemistry I w/ lab
  • Organic chemistry II w/ lab
  • Biochemistry w/ lab (1 semester)
  • Advanced biochemistry I
  • Analytical biochemistry

My research interests fall into three areas:

  • Clinical molecular biology. I am particularly interested in developing new methodologies to study genes related to human health and disease. I utilize the techniques of restriction fragment length polymorphism, real-time PCR, and fluorescence melting curve analysis to identify and quantify genes of interest.
  • DNA damage and repair. I am interested in the relationships between DNA damage and repair, chromatin structure, gene expression and cell death. I utilize molecular biology and biochemical techniques to study the effects of oxidative DNA damage.
  • Chemical education. I am interested in developing new teaching tools, such as laboratory exercises, to enhance the teaching of chemistry and biochemistry. I have worked extensively as an author on Cengage Learning's online homework system for organic chemistry, OWL.

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