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Chemistry (B.A.)



The Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry includes 32 hours of core courses in chemistry and sciences. The chemistry major provides a foundation for acceptance into professional programs and serves as a pre-professional track for medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary, environmental, marine sciences programs.

The program is also suited for students who wish to teach chemistry at the high school level Students in labafter graduation but who prefer to study chemistry and biology more in-depth than a traditional education major. Graduates would be qualified to teach chemistry, although additional certification requirements may be necessary. Information on teaching certification requirements can be obtained in the College of Education.

Chem students in labThe B.A. in Chemistry program provides students with opportunities to study the properties of matter, the physical material of the universe. Students will gain an understanding of nature and the world we live in through core courses in the major. Applications of chemistry to issues that affect daily life such as production and detection of pollutants, vitamins, agricultural, biomedical, and pharmaceutical products will also be studied and related to basic chemical concepts.

Pedagogically, lectures are combined with group problem-solving activities with an emphasis on highly collaborative student-centered, interactive learning environment for General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry courses rather than the traditional lecture format. Upper level lectures are combined with group problem-solving activities with an emphasis on lab-centered learning. Laboratories are designed to include the latest technology and to allow collaborative experimental experiences. Instructors use active learning techniques to allow students to experience and understand chemical principles.

The chemistry major allows students to participate in undergraduate research. Students will learn the process of science, and in doing so will learn how to solve problems.


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