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Sachiko Tankei-Aminian

Sachiko Tankei-AminianAssistant Professor
Phone: (239) 590-7895
Office: RH 215

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2009
M.S., Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2000
M.A., Aichi University of Education, Japan, 1996
B.A., Aichi University of Education, Japan, 1994

Primary Teaching Interests: Intercultural Communication, Race and Communication

Other interests: Acculturation and Intercultural Identity, Performance Ethnography, Autoethnoraphy, Critical Pedagogy, Japanese Culture and Communication

Sachiko Tankei-Aminian joined the Florida Gulf Coast University Communication faculty in 2007. She teaches and studies intercultural and interracial communication and Japanese pop culture from interpretive and critical perspectives. She uses various methods in her scholarly work, such as autoethnography, performance, and filmmaking. For one of her works regarding acculturation and intercultural identity, she utilizes an autoethnographic performance called On Becoming Japerican. As being a sojourner herself, she examines her own acculturation, with particular interests in how societal forces influence their acculturation. She originally compiled, wrote, directed, and performed On Becoming Japerican for the Kleinau Theatre at Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2004. She has performed over 10 times at universities and in conferences, engaging in open-dialogue with the audience about issues of acculturation, intercultural identities, and issues of power and oppression. She also co-created a number of films with Farshad Aminian-Tankei in the direction toward humanization and multiculturalism, including What would you like to become?: Iranian children’s voices. Her current areas of research include relational ethics in autoethnography, contextual nature of privilege, intercultural identity, and anti-war education. Her recent publication appears in A Forum on Language and Communication.

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