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Sachiko Tankei-Aminian

Sachiko Tankei-AminianAssistant Professor
Phone: (239) 590-7895
Office: RH 215

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2009
M.S., Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2000
M.A., Aichi University of Education, Japan, 1996
B.A., Aichi University of Education, Japan, 1994

Teaching Interests: Interracial/Intercultural Communication, Critical Race Theory in Communication, and Japanese Culture and Communication

Research Interests: Cultural adaptation, intercultural identity, and the concept of privilege in relation to issues of race and racism

Dr. Sachiko Tankei-Aminian is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication and Philosophy at Florida Gulf Coast University. She teaches courses in interracial/intercultural communication, critical race theory in communication, and Japanese pop culture from interpretive and critical perspectives. Her current areas of research include cultural adaptation, intercultural identity, and the concept of privilege in relation to issues of race and racism. She uses various methods in her scholarly work, such as personal narrative, autoethnography, performance, and filmmaking. She created an autoethnographic performance called “On Becoming Japerican,” which was originally performed at Southern Illinois University–Carbondale in 2004. From 2004 to 2007, she performed at universities and in conferences.

Selected Publications

Creative Work in Academic Journal

  • Tankei-Aminian, Sachiko. Performer. “On Becoming Japerican.” Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies 9. 3 (2013) : n. pag. Web.

Book Chapters

  • Tankei-Aminian, Sachiko. “On Becoming Japersican: A Personal Narrative of Cultural Adaptation, Intercultural Identity and Transnationalism.” Globalizing Intercultural Communication: Reader, Sage Publication, (forthcoming).
  • Tankei-Aminian, Sachiko. Co-writer. “Community Autoethnography: Critical Visceral Way of ‘Doing’ Intercultural Relationships.” Case Studies in Intercultural Dialogue, Kendall Hunt Publishing, (forthcoming).
  • Tankei-Aminian, Sachiko. “Cross-cultural Adaptation at the Intersection of Power and Oppression.” Kotoba to Komyunikeishon no foram (A Forum on Language and Communication). Eds. Tomoko Yasutake, Naoshi Koizumi, Takako Kawagishi, Takao Imai, and Masaichi Uchida. Tokyo, Japan: Kaitakusha, March, 2011.


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