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Dept of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Adam Zaleski

Phone: (239) 590-7354
Office: Modular 1 Office 27

My research interests include the study of attitudes and persuasion theory toward behavior change. More specifically, many of my previous research projects have focused on the application of social norms (Ciadlini, Reno, & Kallgren, 1991) to influence environmental and health behaviors through print media. Some of the target behaviors have included household energy conservation, wind power, automobile tire maintenance, oil disposal, reusing hotel towels, handwashing, college alcohol use and adolescent cigarette smoking. Some theoretical research questions have focused on message believability, norm interactions and “boomerang effects”. My future research interests involve the application of persuasion theory beyond social norms and the discipline of Psychology to include behaviors that have both environmental and health impacts such as automobile use. I have taught courses in General Psychology, Social Psychology and a Social Psychology Lab. I am looking forward to teaching Experimental, Research Methods, Environmental and Health Psychology in the future.


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