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Environmental Studies (M.A.)

Environmental Studies (M.A.)

Edwin Everham

Edwin EverhamProfessor and Program Leader of Environmental Studies BA
Phone: (239) 590-7169
Office: WH 220


  • Ph.D.   Environmental and Forest Biology. 1996. State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry
  • B.S. Biological Science. 1980.  Michigan Technological University  cum laude

Research Interests: Examining the impacts of disturbance, including exotic invasions and anthropogenic activities, on forest communities and ecosystems.

Current Projects: The technological interface between the techniques of simulation modeling and geographical information systems and their applications toward understanding the impact of and recovery from disturbance and land use changes. 

Select Publications

  • Brokaw, N.,  S. Fraver, J.S. Grear, J. Thompson, J.K. Zimmerman, E.M. Everham III, R. Waide, S.P. Hubbell, and R.B. Foster.  2004. Disturbance and canopy structure in two Tropical forests. In E. Losos and E. Leigh Jr. (eds.) Forest Diversity and Dynamism.  The University of Chicago Press.
  • Brokaw, N.,  J. Thompson, J.K. Zimmerman, E.M. Everham III, R. Waide, and D. Schafer.  2004. Luquillo forest dynamics plot, Puerto Rico, United States. In E. Losos and E. Leigh Jr. (eds.) Forest Diversity and Dynamism.  The University of Chicago Press.
  • Sullivan, B and E.M. Everham  III.  2004.  Life at the Boundaries.  Interdisciplinary Literary Studies.  5(2):  1-15.
  • Thompson, J., N. Brokaw, J.K. Zimmerman, R.B. Waide, E.M. Everham III, D.J. Lodge, C.M. Taylor, D. Garcia-Montiel, and M. Fluet.  2002.  Land Use History, Environment, and Tree Composition in a Tropical Forest.  Ecological Applications:  12(5): 1344-1363.
  • Tolley, S.G., M.R. McDonald, E.M. Everham III, and M. Savarese. 2002. The Campus Ecosystem Model: Teaching Students Environmental Stewardship. Journal of College Teaching.  31(6):  364-369.
  • E.M. Everham III and R. Holtzclaw.  2001. Ocean Agriculture Hydroponics Project Final Report.
  • E.M. Everham III, J.R. Cassani, S.G. Tolley, and D.W. Ceilley. 2000.  A Rapid Bioassessment Program for Estero Bay Tributaries Final Report

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