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Mathematics M.S. Program

Mathematics M.S. Program

Learning Outcomes


Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Masters of Science in Mathematics will have demonstrated progress toward the following learning outcomes:


  • The ability to make rational conclusions in the face of incomplete information, to assess the value and reasonableness of available information, to resist intellectual conformity, to evaluate competing arguments dispassionately, and to vigilantly maintain an appropriate standard of logical rigor.


  • The habits of mind that spring from curiosity, an appreciation of cause and effect, a desire to achieve an overarching degree of understanding, a predilection for organization, a willingness to conceptualize a goal and pursue it in the face of uncertainty, and a need to impose clarity.


  • The knowledge base, skill set, and professional perspective that mathematicians have at their disposal by virtue of specialized study and experience.


  • The ability to function in a leadership role in a professional setting.


  • The ability to absorb and disseminate technical information effectively within the context of professional collaboration.


  • The recognition that the world of science and technology is intellectually dynamic and requires a constant professional commitment to remain informed and relevant.