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Angela Osterman Meyer

Angela Osterman MeyerAssociate Professor
Phone: (239) 590-7244
Office: WH 254

My physics courses cover such topics as basic Newtonian mechanics, thermal physics, electricity and magnetism, waves, and optics. My astronomy courses examine planets, stars, galaxies, and basic cosmology.

In my observational studies, I focus on the energetic, brilliant objects known as blazars. These objects are part of a larger class called Active Galactic Nuclei, or "AGN," consisting of actively accreting super-massive black holes in the cores of very old and distant galalxies. Blazars emit every kind of light observable, from radio waves through gamma rays. The amount of light emitted from blazars changes over time in a non-periodic fashion on timescales ranging from minutes to decades. This variability makes blazars interesting objects to observe over the course of a single night, several days, or even months or years. The observed characteristics of the variability in different kinds of light allow astronomers to test physical and computational models predicting blazar behavior.

I also engage in research devoted to improving the teaching of science. I work collaboratively with astronomy and education faculty to apply learner-centered techniques built on mental model building.

I completed my undergraduate studies in physics at Georgia Tech and my graduate work in physics and astronomy at Georgia State University, earning my Ph.D. in late 2006. My husband and I moved to Fort Myers in 2007 when I joined the FGCU faculty. In most of our spare time, we explore the world with (and generally try to keep up with) our son.

My homepage, including links to my course information and full CV, is located at

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