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Oyster Reef Restoration Project

Oyster Reef Restoration Project

Locations of Oyster Reef Restorations



 EsteroBay Map

Locations of Oyster Reef Restoration Sites


 Naples Bay

 Reef Site 1  26o06’35”N  81o47’02”W
 Reef Site 2  26o08’06”N  81o47’34”W

 Constructed 2005


Henderson Creek (Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve)

 Reef Site 1  26o02’30”N  81o42’55”W
 Reef Site 2  26o02’37”N  81o42’15”W
 Reef Site 3  26o02’20”N  81o43’07”W
 Reef Site 4  26o02’05”N  81o43’10”W
 Reef Site 5  26o01’25”N  81o44’12”W

 Reef Sites 1 & 2 constructed 2003
Reef Sites 3-4 constructed 2004



Estero Bay

 Reef Site 1 (site 1, Estero River)  26o26’38”N  81o51’26”W
 Reef Site 2 (Estero River, downstream )  26o25’53”N  81o50’46”W
 Reef Site 3 (Horseshoe Keys)  26o26’08”N  81o51’06”W
 Reef Site 4 (Imperial)  26o25’50”N  81o51’33”W
 Reef Site 5 (Coconut)  26o24’23”N  81o51’07”W

Reef Sites 1 & 2 constructed 2003
Reef Sites 3-4 constructed 2004
Reef Site 1& 3 constructed 2005
Reef Site 1 & 3 constructed 2006


Caloosahatchee River and Estuary

 Reef Site 1(Cattle Dock) 26o32’04”N 81o59’57”W
 Reef Site 2 (Piney Point) 26o32’00”N  81o58’52”W
 Reef Site 3 (Port Sanibel) 26o29’44”N  82o00’02”W
 Reef Site 4 (Big Island) 26o29’37”N  82o01’14”W
 Reef Site 5 (Sword Point) 26o32’14”N  82o00’00”W
 Reef Site 6 (Iona Cove) 26o31’06”N  81o58’34”W
 Reef Site 7 (Matlacha) 26o30’37”N   82o04’06”W 
 Reef Site 8 (Shell Point) 26o30’53”N  81o59’20”W

Reef Sites 1-3 constructed 2003