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4.48 Psychosis

4.48 Psychosis

November 5-9, 12-16, 2008

Playwright: Sarah Kane

Director: Barry Cavin Description: Sarah Kane's 4.48 Psychosis offers the audience an exquisite ceremony that probes what we all fear about love and beauty: with great happiness comes the capacity for great suffering. This intense conceptual work blends poetry, humor, and stunning visuals to reveal the interior of a person who has suffered the joy of uncontrollable love and is contemplating the usefulness of going on in the aftermath of tragic loss. 4.48 Psychosis creates an intimate portrait of the darkest thoughts any of us have considered and most of us do everything to avoid. But what we fear also compels us and there is no better place to confront this human condition of love, beauty, and loss than in the sanctity of theatre.





Victim Perpetrator Bystander (Patient) Veda Roberts Director Barry Cavin
Iteration of Her (Spirit) Nikki Scarpaci Lighting Design Anne M. Carncross
Iteration of Her (Mind) Adalys Alvarez Scenic Design Barry Cavin
Iteration of Her (Body) Melissa Gallagher Costume Design Keavy Gallagher
Psychiatrist Marshall Prater Video and Sound/ Barry Cavin
Lover (appearing on video only) James Simmons Music Underscoring  
    Technical Director  
    Stage Manager  
    Master Electrician  
    House Manager Anne M. Carncross
    Light Board Operator Mariah Phillips
    Sound/Video Board Operator Susan Bero
    Props Master Megan Pugh
    Build Crew James Simmons
Susan Bero
Mariah Phillips
Megan Pugh
James Simmons
Wendy Stephens
Rebecca Ormiston
Kate Stannard
Dana Jenkins

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