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Change your habits and be good to the Earth!


Join the Florida Panther Posse by becoming “GREEN”

This year the Florida Panther Posse will be integrating “green” ways a person can help save and protect our natural environment for future generations.   Florida Gulf Coast University students will be learning about ways to protect our environment and spreading their knowledge with elementary school students.  Help do your part by following some of these suggestions.

Paper or plastic?

Use neither, take reusable canvas bags when shopping.  Each year Americans waste 380 billion plastic bags.  An estimated 100 million bags are let loose in the wild.  They clog our waterways, litter the environment and are harmful to wildlife. 

Use Recycled Paper

Recycle any paper you don’t want.  Americans throw away enough office paper each year to build a 12-foot high wall stretching from NY to San Francisco, that’s about 10,000 sheets per person.

Turn Off the Lights

Don’t waste energy.  If you don’t need the lights, TV, radio, or ceiling fans on, turn them off.  Use energy saving appliances, light bulbs or solar power.

Switch to Organic

Support organic farming & lead a healthier life.  These are foods or ingredients grown & processed with no use of synthetic pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. 

Buy Locally

Use products and food grown locally.  For every calorie we eat, ten calories of energy have been used to bring it to us. Give “Green” gifts, handmade locally, made in USA.

Ride a Bike or Carpool it’s healthier & less air pollution.

Buy Recycled Products and Recycle Them