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Wings of Hope

Orinthologists in Training


Ornithology is the study of birds.  The Collier County Audubon Society and Florida Gulf Coast University students team up in local schools training elementary school children in bird basics and how to take population surveys at their school.  

Elementary school student junior ornithologists visit different challenge stations where FGCU students teach them about :

  • Bird Biology
  • Bird Migration
  • Bird Beaks and Bills
  • Bird Songs, Conservation and Rescue
  • Bird Monitoring and Observation

The program connects science, writing, reading and math in the classroom while students learn the importance of monitoring birds around their school grounds and in their community.  They collect population data that is added to a local Audubon database.
They continue monitoring birds throughout the school year and report their findings back to “Wings of Hope.”  This hands-on approach gives students real life exposure to how ornithologists monitor and study birds. 
The students also take the information they learn and educate at least three other members of the community about the importance of bird conservation and protection.

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Birding and education supplies are donated by the Collier County Audubon Society.